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Escuela Superior Dr. Carlos González Reviews

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Dr. Carlos González highscool has helped me a lot to grow as a person and develop interest and habilites in diferente academic and artistic areas. After hurricane Maria the school took care of their students and it was the first school in Puerto Rico to start their clases. It’s been a challenge but they help us learn and give us the help we need to achieve our goals.
Escuela Dr. Carlos González is not just an academic place where students take their classes. This school helps you to find yourself in good ways and makes you feel positive anytime. For example, in my case, this school helped me to accept myself and to never be afraid of who I am. Everyone accepted me the way I was, and most of all, made lots if great friends.
Our school focuses on educating its students at a high level. Our teachers are very competent and helpful on our school progress. I feel very proud to belong to such an excellent high school. Our teachers and Director are the best. They summon us to be the best!
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This school is the most well established either in classes as well as teachers. Classes are well balanced in education and dificulty but the teachers will help with any trouble you find during the course so you can maximize your learning capabilities.
The school has an overall quiet environment, compared to other public schools in the area. It has relatively new facilities. Lunch is good and free.
One of the best schools in Puerto Rico. Has the highest number of 4.0 graduates in the whole island for many consecutive years.
My experience have being awesome, because it have an excellent team of teachers. They are so proactive helping us academically and as an individuals, capable of making the difference in our country in the future. I don't like that is a 21st Century high school and don't have air conditioning in the class rooms. I will change that, because is too hot.
Its a renovated school. Is spacious, nice colors, nice teachers. I liked it very much.
Being part of this school has taught me so much and not only in the educational aspect but in the moral aspect as well. If I ever had the chance to go back to school it be this same school. I will always be greatful and Ava'se to give the school any of my help.
Food in my school is devine. First of all it's completely free, because we live in Puerto Rico they cook the food with the Puerto Rican flavors and in thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday they make special holiday lunches. Did I mention it was all free.
My school policies are very efficient and are followed to an order that the school has had no incident in the past 7 years
I can honestly say I trust 100% all the teachers in my school, they have taught me how to be a better studnet, a better person and a better citizen. They have supported me with all my community projects and helped me in all my tasks.
Many students get scholarships due to the excellent curriculum.
Personally I can say this school has great extracurricular programs in which us students can develop ourselves. I was president of the art society (choir, drama and pop band), which not only gave students the opportunity to demonstrate their talent but they had the possibility to get monetary advantage when they went to collage. Also I had the opprtunity to write a musical and upswing school students we presented the musical to the community with no fee.
I am completely greatfull with my school because when it came for me to make "real life" decisions, I felt prepared and capable of life's new challenges.
There is a poor fitness oportunity
There is a good staff.
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No motivation to do other things than just study.
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