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Escuela Superior Casiano Cepeda Reviews

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My experience in this school was awesome, all the teachers are nice and dedicated. Something that I would change is the facilities, and give them more resources because they deserve them. I just love my school because thanks for them I am the kind of student that I am today.
School doesn't offer extracurricular activities for studentship to engage in. Everything is made during class time.
We are all from a town where foreigners don't come to live, so we are all the same ethnicity. Plus, everyone respects different points of view and ideals, faith, sexual orientation, but they also keep distance if they don't like this or that person.
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School had a n uniform and many teachers were very strict with the using the right color of shirts or pants, and the length of the skirts. Also, if you were late you had to ask for a written excuse at the office if you didn't get one from your parents.
There were some students engaged in sports but didn't have the facilities to practice. School have just a basketball court in horrible conditions (it is even closed for students) with broken bleachers. The weight room only have old machines and weighs full of mole. There are no other sport facilities, like baseball/softball parks, etc.
The food was delicious and free. Cafeteria didn't offer snacks, just breakfast until 8:00 am and lunch from 11:30-12:30. Some students with specific needs would fill a form at beginning of school year informing what they coupd and couldn't eat, and cafeteria ladies made them an special menu.
Teachers made sure to let you know and experience that college was nothing like high school. They constantly would make us write essays and do research, oral presentations, and use our critical thinking. Especially in senior year, they would add a lot of pressure on us to know how it feels in most college in the country.
The school environment is safe, although there may be some students in gangs and drugs, and knowing that make the rest of the studentship at risk of any tragedy. But nothing have ever happened in school. The levels of bullying are low, because no one cares about the private life of others, just in having some fun. We don't have a school nurse.
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