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There is no nurse in my school. Usually the principle is the person in charge of this position and there is a hospital near the school. The security is good. There are two guards.
I love my school and i wouldnt trade for anything. Everyone there is family to me and I just love the fact that there is no bullying because everyone knows that no one is perfect. I don't have to struggle waking up for school because every day is a new adventure and a new experience.
In Puerto Rico we eat a lot of rice but in school they serve integral rice. They serve a lot of fruits. Its rare that they serve pizza but when they do its really good.
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Students usually don't get in trouble because they know what the consecuences are going to be. They usually get in trouble if theres a fight or something big but that only happens twice or three times a year.
Like i said before we don't have the resources so that the games are held. Neither the equipment to practice. We only have a basketball, volleyball, softball and field hockey team but we don't practice much because we need to go practice in the public field.
Most of the teachers give their all for students to succed in life. There are only a couple which don't care if you do not understand the subject. I would say most of the teachers are like my family they are strict when they need to be but they are also very nice and caring people. They care about their students and their future.
The teachers are willing to help but since Puerto Rico doesn't have the resources needed to develop these clubs and organizations we do not have the oportunity to participate in any club or organization. Some private schools have these programs but the public schools usually don't have any activities of these kind.
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