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I started my education in a private, very catholic, school and ended up in public school. I was scared, but excited that I would be opening up my "world". Not only did I make the best friends for life, but I could also develop my educational skills and my knowledge. Classes were harder, but it was totally worth it. Especially with the best teachers the system could have.
I loved mostly everything about this school, it provided a very secure atmosphere for me and gave me the education I basically needed.
There is teachers who give everything they can so their students became great citizens, and there is some who are terribly awful at everything they teach.
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If I could do it all over again, I would choose this school, the system is well organized and the experiences I've had in the school have taught me many lessons, which will help me when I go to college. My favorite experience in this school was being able to participate in many activities such as the English Week's Talent Show, in which we had the opportunity to dance, sing or act.
I would say it is okay because it is definitely not perfect but it is not the worst either. They could do much better sometimes.
There are not very much extracurriculars.
The teachers are the best I could find.
I'm the kind of person that doesn't settle. So due to this, I always aspired to go someplace better, somewhere where academically I could've grown so much more. It is the best school in the area, but I always imagined myself going to a bilingual school or something. But I always saw myself going someplace else, of course better.
The food service was always the best quality. I can never give any complaints about it. It was one of the best things they had. I miss the free food, at college everything is an expense. Not many of us have the substantial monetary needs to suffice.
The administration the school offers isn't the best quality, but it isn't the worst. My opinion is a bit controversial, but I assure you they give the best the can. As I've said, they are very settling in all areas of the education
Most of the educational staff were very nice and outgiving. I know it may seem a little bit confusing due to the fact that I graded them very low, but they were very good people. I could've received a better learning experience, but I didn't. They could've helped me learn so much more, and excel in so much more, but they settled for the least.
They were several organizations for you to get involved in, the faculty got quite involved in it too. Organizations varied due to the fact that preferences in religion and interests in activities to do were very different. Such as music, sports and Christian organizations were all part of the student body.
I felt mostly felt prepared for the college experience, eager to start. My high school years weren't as fun as people put it out to be. For the real world, I've always been an independent feeling young woman, so it was kind of adapting and adjusting to the life, day by day. I can't complain of the kind of advice I received, it all helped me through, teachers in school really helped me with everything they could.
Like I said earlier, there aren't many extracurricular opportunities at school. The most famous club would be the music club, which consists of: the choir, the marching band, the concert band and the guitar group. The music club offers several concerts around the year for the enjoyment of the student body. On the other hand, the sports club only assembles from time to time, they only practice basketball, baseball and soccer. Our school's only sport facility is the basketball court, the soccer team and base ball team have to practice in a near by park. All extracurricular activities occur in the students free time after tree o'clock, therefore not many people participate in them, since most of the student body leaves right after the bell rings.
Ask my about the school's cafeteria, and I will ask you: What is that? There are around 630 students in my school and I would be exaggerating If I said that at least a hundred of them use the facility. The menus are repetitive, always the same for breakfast and lunch. Not only is the quality of the food bad but the lunch ladies are very mean. Most of the students prefer to take a 3 minute walk and waste $5 each day on a nearby Burger King, or buy fried food from a nearby store.
Even though our school does not offer many extracurricular activities, we manage to have fun with what we got. I'm a member of our school's band, I've been playing trombone and electric bass for almost three years. In the academic aspect, Ramon Jose Davila school has the most prepared and competent school staff in our school's district. If I had the opportunity to start high school again I would definitely choose Ramon Jose Davila school again.
Our school does not offer much sport activities. From time to time you might be able to see a student passing through the classrooms asking who would like to join the basketball, baseball or soccer team, because that's all they offer. But don't get me wrong, even though we don't have many sport opportunities, our school's pride and fan support are the best you can find in all Coamo.
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They offeres sometimes tuttor helps
The most of teachers are good and I learned so much specially in sciences classes.
After school always I study
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