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Escuela Patria Latorre Ramírez Reviews

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Great school overall with a high academic standing! The best public school in the area, representing boldly.
Teachers were really good and cared about their students. The school has so many opportunities to offer. Also is one of the schools with most talented students in the country. A school of excellence.
This school is one of the best ones in my town and I absolutely love it. Though we suffer from economic downfall and short funds we still get prepared in every way for college. I wish parents wouldn't just visit the school when they need to complain, they should come and also thank teachers... God knows they need it.
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The security is incredible and we can't go out of school until the bell rings. Mostly, it has a lot of cameras and in almost any place. There isn't a school nurse in my school but they attend the emergencies themselves. There is no bullying and it's a pretty peaceful place.
They offer food and help with homework. After your finished, you can play outside tennis, basketball or volleyball. It's fascinating and they take people to tour places.
I love to play tennis with my friends everyday. The education is very interesting because they make it hard as to prepare their students for the University. The school guard is the only problem since she is really rude. The teachers are very comprehensive while hard to pass classes. Finally, i love this school and especially how difficult they have made it , so it becomes easier for me in the university.
I would've put it as the best but some of the teachers don't actually belong there. Most of the teachers are incredibly friendly, helpful and know how to teach. In another hand, some of them don't teach clearly and it's difficult to understand them.

The best teachers, know how to get to the students and explain the material fluently and coherently as to make it easy to understand.
Facilities have been remodeled, but not a lot of facilities.
There are no clubs at the school.
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