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Escuela Nueva Superior Vocacional Antonio Lucchetti Reviews

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I loved the fact of the vocational courses but, honestly it could be better. The administration has no control over the students, there isn't comunication between the personal and the administration, the school hygiene is super poor and some teachers are mediocre.
One of the top schools in the Arecibo Municipality. Great faculty, dedicated to enhance students experience.
The staff in the school and the parents, are a very important part of the school, because of the great improvement it has made in the school. How they react and care for the students, shows how well educated they are.
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My teachers were very kind and had plenty of knowledge to share. One of the best experiences I had during highschool where all the activities we were able to participate in. Plus the organizations and clubs, I have grown personally and professionally thanks to them.
My school creates a unique experience for any student attending. What mostly makes it stand out is our curriculum, tailored to no only a standard academic curriculum, but also features a strong vocational curriculum as well, with a full staff attending head-on to our desire to learn and prepare ourselves for the future.
Everyone it's respectful with one another, if your skin color it's different or you weight more or less it doesn't matter. Also if your religion it's different they accept you for who you are and not for what you believe in, that of course, if you don't begin to insult or critic their relegion. Overall we respect one another if you don't then there will be a problem.
The cafeteria only has one menu and it's very healthy, however it tastes kind of bad and it's really small for 1,200 students. So as a solution outside by the gate there's 3 food trucks with unhealthy menus, and you have to buy there if you don't like the food from the cafeteria. Unless you bring from home and eat it or heat it up somewhere.
This school it's great, it's everything I expected, very challenging. My workshop, architectural drawings it's really good. It also prepares you for the work field. The students are very responsible and hardworking. The school activities are really creative. The arts here are great, we have won lots of awards. Also the robotics team won nationally and then they went to compete out of state. This school offers you many oportunities, all you have to do it's say yes.
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