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Escuela Nueva Brigida Alvarez Rodriguez Reviews

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Better Opoprtunities for teachers advancement .
Food should improve in quality and preparation with a diverse menu
The school is great, and it is very challenging. It is renowned in the country, and has participated in competitions internationally.
The academics are very good overall and the teacher-student connection is great. The facility is too small for that amount of students.
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My school is one of the best in my country. We have excellent teachers, excellent students and obviously the faculty. Being part of this school has helped me in various aspects. Not only we excel in science and math, but also in the arts, technology, sports and economy. I have had the privilege of participating in various competitions and winning prizes. Also, we have a wide selection of clubs. My school is one that loves to help the community. However, something I would like to see change is that, our facilities are not the best, because we do not even have a single laboratory in the school. I would love it, that the little ones, after I graduated, have that experience of having a laboratory, a field, among other things so that they can bright same or more than our generation.
I would say it's like a small town type of environment where all teachers and students know each other. It may not have the best facilities in the world but it challenges its students to work hard and prepares them for a great college run. Well known for its strong curriculum implementing two math and science classes per semester to better expand the knowledge of students in STEM fields. A really great school with a caring faculty that only look for the student success.
My experience at this high school was pretty great. Even though it does not have the best facilities it is a very good school that prepares you for your college life. The school does have some minor flaws, more so in organization, but overall the connection you get with teachers and students is by far the reason I decided to graduate from this high school.
You feel really safe in the enviroment they have created.
They always have new ativities to do and all of them are out of this world.
Teachers work with the students to make the most of the class; also, they wokr at a moderate pace so eveyone is up to par in class.
The enviroment is really possitive and embracing.
I am super grateful of the education and laboral experiences this school has given me the oportunity to learn and experiment with. It has opened so many doors to me and I will be forever grateful.
on extracurricular activities you can develop
My school is unique because of its humongous academic achievements.
the teachers get the most out of us
I've had ups and downs during my 6 years attending that school, but this last year (my senior year) has been the most challenging one because of one teacher who has been my worst nightmare. But puting that aside, my experience in school has been a very exclusive one, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world.
They are always available whenever we are outside class hours. They try their best to help all students equally.
It helped me a lot, but at the same time closed me off a bit.
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You get to know everybody and form special bonds with other students because it's a really small school .
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