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I liked my experience in this high school. I were part of two clubs in this school and I learned a lot about being a leader. The teachers are very good ones, and are prepared to teach the students and prepare them to University.
The only thing I enjoyed about my high school was the extra curricular music classes, the teacher was attentive and bent on seeing his students flourish while learning to play a new instrument. However, the administration needs to change, there are only a small amount of academic staff members who are actually serious about the students future and current learning abilities.
This highschool is one of the greatest on the area. Counts with wonderful teachers that make you want to wake up every morning and go to class. It's a safe area and very peaceful. I don't regret spending all my highschool years there.
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I consider that instead of moving to another school for the extracurriculars they should be done there. For example the singing classes.
Some teachers even go beyond their teaching tactics and techniques.
Teachers have MBA's and are academically prepared. They even prepare us for College beginning in 10 th grade.
The principle needs to be involved more personally in the school. The Counseler needs more continued education because hes too busy outside the school instead of taking care of us students.
Thanks to the advanced courses, I picked up on better studying habits and classes in college are like reviews from high school. The stress is not over the top.
It could be better. Like a bigger cafeteria, A student Lounge area. A bigger library even an electronic one if it can happen.
Bullying is not tolerated its against the law. As it should be.
They mainly repeated Rice and Beans. THey need to introduce Vegan menus and other options on the healthy side.
It can be improved if the Government of Puerto Rico took the Department of Education as the most important in their government budgets . We the students are Puerto Rico's future employment and representatives.
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