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For me is bad. I'm in a group of good students that look forward to make the difference, so I have good grades and that's for me and my family what we want. Others students doesn't have the same actitude.
Not all parents wants to involves in activities, always are the same group of parents and students but that's not enough, so I believe that may be a change in actitudes it would help to change school atmosphere.
Some teachers are friendly and bring the best of them, but sometimes the administration did not help on improve the teaching activities to make classes more interesting.
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The students behaved well because the principal was very strict and demanded respect in the school
Because my teachers were good I was able to take advanced classes at my old university
The athletics are average at this school. I think more variety of sports will do them good
The teachers are very good at their jobs. They make sure that you know that subject. You can tell they care about the students.
There were no extracurricular opportunities at this school or clubs or any organization.
I loved this school. It was peaceful, I felt safe, the staff was very friendly. One of my favorite experiences was the annual cultural fair. We were assigned a country and we had to to a kiosk about that country's culture. It was awesome!!
I never used the bus but there were buses for the people who took them. There were very little technology. The library was closed and we had to do our homework at the city's library.
There was a wide variety of healthy foods. Every day there was something new on the menu.
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