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Escuela Loaiza Cordero del Rosario Reviews

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My school is pretty much standard they are strict when they have to and lenient when they don't the administration are pretty easy to talk to and if you need help or want to help others they'll help you do it its a pretty good school
the options are okay but they have to learn how to cook their rice and beans because sometimes it seems its under cooked and to fixes it they put it to cook again and it ends up overcooked and you can see its under and over cooked because its hard and the rice its split open and the beans sometimes are good other times are hard like they didn't put enough time to it or something
i'd say its pretty average it doesn't have any "unique" quality but still its pretty good
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it is good but it can be better that's for sure all in all everything is good
its pretty good they can help with almost any probem you have it just takes time
the teachers at my school are very easy to talk with and they can help us if the need arises or something they are good at what they do and are easy to understand
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