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Thanks to a chemistry teacher, I found my passion and what I wanted to study at college.

I would change the food and the facilities, make them more modern, and the food healthier and tasty.
Students bully other students. One time 3 men entered to the school and nobody did nothing. The safety is relative.
There is a program called "Reading Project'' where students help children with grammar and reading
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There are great teachers compromised with their jobs. Others do no teach.
I had a great time in this school, but I could learn more in other school.
There are many sports to compete in. Most students like to compete in things like basketball, baseball, soccer, track, etc. We also have many activities where students who are not on teams can still participate in the sports and compete.
Most teachers don't punish the students they have to. They basically just let them continue to make a mess until everyone is tired of it. On the other hand some are utterly too strict and don't allow any fun or jokes in the classroom. Most of the students don't care either way if they get punished or not.
The teachers at this school are all pretty good at their professions. Most of them have a genuine interest in the classes that they teach and are able to help people to understand. A few of them don't try so hard, but thats a given.
There are many different things to do at this school. It has some organizations that will keep you busy, but you have to know how to find them. Some activities will just pop up and you can enter into that. The school always has something going on so that anyone can participate if they choose.
The truth is that unless its the advanced group, the teachers rarely care about the students. They don't make it any harder on us, but sometimes thats not so good either. The workload is alright but for students who are in any program other than the advanced group, you pretty much have to learn things on your own and as you go, and hope that your right. There are some teachers who help us and who care, but some will just give you a project and expect you to do what you can.
Its really hard for students who have different sexual orientations. I am not one but some of my friends are, and they don't get bullied too much but with everyone staring and the constant discrimination, it makes it kind of difficult. Acceptance is also a big issue, because everyone chooses to stay in their own group and they don't give anyone else a chance, and if thats not enough they tend to spread rumors and gossip about the people they hang out with. It's really sad to see people who are supposed to be "friends" acting in this manner. There are only a few of us who except everyone as they are and let them be who they want to be.
In this school if the teachers or someone knew that a child was being bullied they would take him/her to the principals office and one of the officers at the school would take him/her to the police station to talk to them and apply the law. We didn't have a school nurse but if an accident happened or something they would call an ambulance the parents and take the child to the hospital to make sure he/ she is ok. this school safety is pretty good because they always have an officer on duty, and if not they would be paying attention to every single thing we do or say. The security people in the school are also good and kind, they used to talk to us when they saw us a lone or they would just give us advice on what to do and what not to do. like a reminder.
The volleyball team was good. We won a lot of tournaments and we were always happy. It was more like a family than a team that just went and play that is what made us different from other teams.
The cafeteria food is ok. Its supposed to be healthy and they serve a specific amount to everyone in the school I don't judge cause the lady's that serve the food were really nice and you can see that they made the food with love and not just for the pay they treated us respectfully and kindly I actually like them and I knew that the food was always made with love. I loved the chocolate milk I wish I can go back for that and for the breakfast that they did.
My counselor help me a lot to figure out my self and what I really wanted to do. She talked to me about college life and the experience and she told me that looking for a better future was the best to do. My school and the teachers in the school are really helpful they always help the people that look for help and the ones that don't ask for it. Its really good I feel like the taught me about real life in and out of school they taught us how to become independent and responsible as well.
I can be who I am they actually treat me like a person not like an invisible girl who walks through the hallways. I wasn't bullied by girls like the others schools I went to. I learn about respect and integrity and the feeling of having an opportunity and how to take risks thanks to them and my teachers I know what I learned and I know how I want my life to be in a future.
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