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Escuela Juan Suares Pelegrina Reviews

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It has become a home to plenty. Sure, many might say that it's a place just for responsibilities and they're obligated to be there, but there's also people like me who have discovered an escape inside those murals. I find it the place where I'm at peace the most. And the teachers! Oh, the teachers! Each and every one of them are so passionate about what they teach, doesn't even seem as though they get paid to do it, it seems to be all heart.
I loved the homey feeling this school gave me. Im thankfull for the opportunities I had to express myself, to learn, and to meet new people who I’ll always carry in my heart.
Juan Suarez Pelegrina is one of the best public high schools in Puerto Rico. Unlike other schools, Juan Suarez counts with two amazing programs that barely any schools have, Commerce and Marketing, giving students the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the business world at an early age. My experience in JSP was great, and I would highly recommend it to middle school graduates, since it’s their best option.
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I am thankful to have graduated from this high school. I loved my classes,teachers and the school in general. I learned a lot and also had a lot of fun.
The workload is fair. The curriculum and scheduling process is pretty good. The teachers are amazing mentors and role models. They are kind and patient. The most popular classes I would say are biology, health, history, Spanish and English.
There is a lot of diverse sexual orientation in this high school and everyone is very accepting. There is no peer pressure at least that I know of because each student is their own person and they own up to how they are and what they feel. All of them have different interests but still they manage to work together and attend to the different clubs and after school program which are so diverse.
There are a lot of variety of after clubs. There's one for dancing, one that includes science, there's also a math club that has competed in regional competitions. There is an art club which has a lot of art supplies and an environmental club that plants and cares for stuff around the school, gives seminars and recycles. Everyone who is in them is very committed and the teachers too.
I would go back to this high school again if I could. All of the teachers that I had were great. The principal was also the best. Everything about it is welcoming. The best teachers I had are from this high school. I learned a lot and had fun at the same time. The experiences I lived here I will never forget.
The teachers understand students. They incorporate the best methods to get students to learn. They are very dynamic in their way of teaching so, it's not the same routine week after week. They grade fairly. All of them are very nice and encouraging. They make that class entertaining.
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