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Since I study at a specialized school in Radio and Television for obligation we need to be creative students so what I really love at this school is that they always manage to keep us thinking and creating
I felt very safe at this school. There was no bullying.
I was not very involved with the sports in the school. There was a volleyball team and a basketball team, and there was high student attendance, but I rarely attended because I was not interested. The players were very good, there was a lot of fan support and school spirit. The athletic facilities were decent.
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Most of my contact with the school clubs and activities was through the drama club, which I was very active in. The teacher who lead it was very involved, making sure we all got what we wanted out of the club. I know of a science club led by the physics teacher, which was well-received as far as I know.
The principal was very helpful and involved. Guidance counselors were available often and made their presence known. Office staff are effective. There was no need for a serious anti-bullying policy, as bullying never happened. There were strict rules about the uniform that all teachers and staff enforced constantly.
I was very satisfied with the teachers. We all learned a lot from them. They had varied teaching styles, each fitting their subjects very well. They were all very knowledgeable, and often expanded upon student questions to make sure their concerns were addressed. They were all very interested in our learning experience, often offering personalized tasks -- for example, in English and Spanish class, the teachers would give me extra reading material because I often finished material before the rest of the class. They communicated very well with students, making us understand the reasons for their rules and teaching styles.
I was very satisfied with the academics.
Due to budget cuts and lack of resources, the facilities were not spotless during my time there. Bathrooms were often leaky and dirty, and cracked pavement was left unattended. The technology in some ways was outdated, but the school also kept well-maintained radio and television production equipment which worked great. The guidance counselors were well-informed and nice, although in terms of college application assistance they were lacking. I did not need tutoring during my time there so I do not know how good it was. Parents were very involved in the school. There was no bus service.
I loved the time I spent at the school. Although the facilities were somewhat humble and not extremely well-maintained, the teachers were excellent and the special courses have been useful to me throughout my professional life. The school is a magnet school specialized in radio and television production. Students take production classes, communications classes, and elective classes designed by the teachers. These were all excellent, and instilled in us a sense of teamwork and responsibility that I do not believe I would have valued as much at any other school. If I could do it all over, I would definitely go to this school again.
I love my school. It modify many aspects of my conduct and discipline. I learned many valuable things for my development porfesional, made ??some very special friends. I was served by a highly qualified faculty committed to their educational work. They did great challenges, but also gave me the tools to overcome these challenges and achieve my goals. All components of the school community of which I am a student, have been integral to my growth as a student, as a human being and as a future career I aspire to be. Never forget!
The school is excellent in academic aspect. Teachers are well prepared and well demanding. The classes are challenging and competitive, which makes you push yourself more. You have to study and study hard, if you do well and do not give the degree have serious problems. But effort and sacrifice is worth it, because we did pretty well prepared and are admitted to top universities in PR and EU.
The school has a highly trained and dedicated manager to work. It is very Strict on discipline, yet is very open to dialogue. The communication with the at least for me has always been very well articulated. Faithfully respecting school rules provided by the Department of Education. This means that the school has an atmosphere of peace and peaceful coexistence.
The physical education class only take a year, no sports teams. But, I have to note that the teacher gave the class was excellent, helped me a lot. You do not care for very organized intramural tournaments.
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