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Escuela Josefina León Zayas Reviews

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It's a gated, guarded school. With over 900 students, it's a very diverse school, the only high school in the town of Jayuya. There are multiple courses, all giving great academic opportunities. Not much happens when it comes to fights or anything similar. The school is pretty well maintained, no writings on the walls. There is beautiful art on some of the walls, which is a great bonus. It's just a good high school.
My time in this school has been quite good. It has excellent teachers, it has a few that are not as good, but the majority are excellent. Plus they are very flexible so if I am a students that likes to work hard I can adjust my schedule so I can take classes with the best teachers. It has a diversity of students, including those that don't dominate our language and the schools brings them the appropriate attention. It has a diversity of activities and clubs, like robotics, sports, drama, academic, agriculture and business clubs and activities like debates, writing, drawing, painting and picture contests, sports tournaments, recycling parades and many others. It has agricultural, commerce and electronic vocational courses bringing even more diverse activities. I am currently participating in a debate about operating systems, also in a competition against others schools were we have to create a catapult, and throughout the year there are many more fun and educational things.
Sports, robotics team, FFA CLUB
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Most teachers are very engaging and motivated. They encourage students to study and do extracurricular activities.
The extracurricular activities help further the education.
This school has helped me grow as a person.
The teachers are always lend a helping hand.
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