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I love Genaro Cautiño as a school. This is because of academic reasons. Other than that, I would say that school lacks certain diversity. It's a strict school that prepares us for University and nothing else. It's great to have good grades, but at the cost of most enjoyment is something that will not be tolerated by us as students. We have fun, and it's fair. Balance is important
Hire good teachers, not all were bad but some were just lazy. Cafeteria food is not the best and of course better technology clases.
In this school you're not allowed to continue if you're addicted to any substance, drug or alcohol and you will not be able to continue in the school in case of a pregnancy.
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So far we don't even have any pregnant student and bad behavior is eradicate quickly by the principal herself.
I have only been to a few of them because I'm usually busy with other things as ballet and homework but to the ones I've been have been exceptional and really fun. You learn all sorts of different things you can make really easily.
Parents are as involved as children in ever school activity and some are even out of school our out of class hours which can be a lot of fun. Parents are always around the school they have a comity and a group of parents that take along teacher lots of the decisions of what happen around the school.
It's a good school especialized in mathematics and sciences , if you're interested in those subjects you'll love the school some activities will relate to math and science and some will be for educational and entertainment of the students, parents and teachers. Your knowledge is put to the test is a very competitive school and we only strive for the best. By the way you perform on different classes they will give you the advantage of advanced classes or pre university or college classes that if you pass you don't have to take on your first year of college! It's a lot of hard work but if it's something you want you will accomplish it because I'm part of the senior class of this year and I'm so happy with all that I have learned and achieved in my school.
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