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My experience on Fernando Suria Chaves High School has been a good one. I like the academics, and the good preparation of the teachers. What I don't like is the facilities, because we don't have good areas to be at on the free hours.
There are barely any clubs, but the ones we do hace are pretty good. One is dedicated to helping those in need (I am part of it). We also once had an organization for emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, etc., which I am also part of. It's close and the people who are in it are good people.
All the kids get along pretty well. What I like about my school is that we all got eachtothers back at the end of the day. If you mess with one you kind of mess with all of us.
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It is a public school so I can't expect it to be amazing, but it isn't bad either. I get knowledge but we're still really behind from where we should be, knowledge wise.
There are security guards all over the place and students collaborate for the safety of the school.
They have a variety of clubs and organizations. I participate in the comercial clubs in my school and there is also vocacional clubs and courses.
I like every aspect of it.
The teachers are great, their teaching styles are highly recommended all over the country. They even have doctorates in their subject so they have a extensive scope.
The Administration and Police at this school are like ham and cheese to destroy your happiness, they never understand you nor take he time to do it, you are always wrong, and them would protect each other and cover the lies in order to not loose their jobs. NEVER ON THE RIGHT SIDE!
In this school are like 8 different clubs and organization, the most committed club was the one I was into the English Club which had a Book Fair we had our own T-shirts done and like 15 members, party and a lot of activities.The most popular were the School Cooperative which had a lot of members and everybody supported because they sell a lot of different things to eat and raise money for the class.
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