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It prepared me for college very well. My high school years were fun and I learned a lot. Graduated with excellent grades and was able to enter the college I wanted.
Studying at the Specialized School of Fine Arts Ernesto Ramos Antonini in the town of Yauco has been an enriching experience as I have learned to develop in theater, music and painting. It has taught me to love the fine arts in all my senses and to do things with passion. It has also prepared me excellently in the academic aspect. I have achieved many successes. And as petsona I have learned to see the beauty of things through music. My feelings are ecpressed through them. I thank God for allowing me to be in this school for 5 years.
What usually are considered extracurricular activities like band, theatre, etc, are part of the regular curriculum of the school because of the Fine arts component of this institution.
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My experience in this school allowed me to grow as an artist and musician. The music program allowed to get in the composition program of the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory and the music faculty helped and encouraged me to study music. All of the ensembles helped to acquire abilities needed in performance and grow in a safe talented environment that nurtured all of our development.
There are good academic teachers but the highlight of this school is the highly qualified specialty faculty (music, arts, dance, theatre).
The overall teachers are well prepared for the subject they teach. Although there are teachers who really aren't. The Social Studies, Spanish, English, Math and fine arts teachers are well prepared and otherwise decent.
The health and safety in this school, I dare say it's the best in the city.
The school counsel acts according to the degree of the offense committed. Disciplinary problems are scarse.
Due to a goverment law, schools serve meat, vegetable, grain and fruit, sourced locally.
Guidance counselor's could be better informed of the different opportunities for high school students. The facilities are being remodeled, so in a few years I think it could be great.
Pretty the academics are average, nothing out of the ordinary. It could be better though, science-wise.
Students generally interact better between other students from their same specialty.
For what it's worth it's a pretty great school. Like all emerging school's there are drawbacks in courses and the program. Security is great, there are no fights or physical violence. The fine arts teachers are great and really prepared for what they do. In my experience there not all teachers are really prepared to teach their subject, an example would be the science teachers. All in all It's a good school if you want to develop a talent in music, dance, painting and acting.
Since this school is a fine arts school, the sports program it's almost non-existent. Nevertheless, in physical education class it's mandatory to play sports and the school organizes carnivals and competitions between schools.
This school's education prepared me with the skills necessary to be part of the real world. Being a fine arts school, the musical education I received will surely help in the career and the degree I want to obtain. After graduating I know that I am capable of studying successfully at the Puerto Rico Music Conservatory.
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