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Escuela de la Comunidad Acreditada Especializada en Deportes en el Albergue Olímpico Reviews

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Its a privileged to graduated from "ECEDAO", as we refer, because it takes desire, discipline and courage to maintain the balance between academics and sport. "ECEDAO" should be the first option for anyone who see themselves studying and doing sports for a scholarship at a University, because they prepare you for it. Right now, Im studying Mechanical Engineering at UPR in Mayaguez and at the same time Im one of their athletes. I wouldn't be able to make the balance between sports and academics if it wasn't for me being from "ECEDAO".
The only thing I would change is the food. I think they should have a specialized menu for the school to ensure the maximum performance of their student-athletes, because we need more vital nutrients and minerals than the average person. Still, the fact that "ECEDAO" is a public school it restrict the menu from mornings and afternoon from a normal public school, which it shouldn't be, because it is a sport specialized school.
I am currently attending a school in Caguas.. This school offers me resources I will never be able to access in any other school in the country but the person in charge (principal)is such a corrupted and homophobic person. Her personality affects the dynamic of the school because teachers, students and personal ofthe school work with fear, except those who are wealthy. Those wealthy students control her, but those who are poor (like me) suffer from her lack of professionalism. In general is a perfect opportunity but you have to be ready to deal with a person like this.
The majority of our teachers are the best in their subjects.
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We have from athletics,to arts and even community service activities.We are a very varied school,eventhough we specialize in sports.
Every student after graduation have a great base on how to be independent due to the fact it is a boarding school,as well as many other qualities you develop through sports,art and academics.
We have a lot of chalenging teachers who always want to make us improve.
We have a lot of sports facilities which is great because is a school specialized in sports.
Some trainers need to get out of that school
Little quantity of food per student
I lost my time at this school
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