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Escuela de Artes Teatrales José Julian Acosta Reviews

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The school is good but it is way too demanding, the teachers, while great, sometimes can be very unorganized. It also has a very old and small infrastructure.
We don't have things like clubs or organizations because we have theater classes that range from technical theater to performing. We are always busy with the rehearsals and the workload.
There is a lot of involvement from the parents and the faculty is very helpful. The school is in a well condition because it is not only a school, but also a historic building but it does need some updates. The teachers are always willing to assist you.
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The school is very difficult because it is specialized in theater so we have a lot of activity going on at the same time with rehearsals, plays, performances and academic classes. The teachers are very attentive and helpful. The classes are excellent. The workload is heavy but worth it.
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