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Escuela Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Mayagüez Reviews

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CROEM is a very good school. You will certainly learn very much. It is a special experience and you will not regret it. The people there are very friendly and happy to help. If you go there you will find that CROEM has an excellent environment. CROEM has a very big curriculum and it is hard on an academic point o view, but at the end everything is worth it.
This is an advance school, it offers you to take courses that are not common in a high school. I am currently taking microbiology and genetics. There are many things you can do, but the key is always being a responsable and dedicated student.
CROEM is a specialized school in mathematics and sciences which allows students to graduate a year or two early with an impeccable preparation for college. My school offers advanced classes and even has the r2deep system which allows us high school students have college credits earlier. It is a public school, which makes it very accessible although each students has to meet a criteria to enter. For example, the student must have a 3.5 GPA or higher in math, sciences and overall to be enrolled and must also maintain his or her GPA high to be enrolled the next year.
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CROEM is a school specialized in science and math. It offers a competitive atmosphere for its students which promotes individuality and camaraderie. The workload, although at times superfluous, is constructive and helps create a great sense responsibility. It also helps the students develop efficient and effective time management skills. Above all else, CROEM, not only shines, but exceeds in its ability to promote critical thinking in students. This allows students to leave the institution with ample academic knowledge and with the necessary skills to think, experiment, and solve. CROEM also helps the student develop the difficult yet essentially pivotal skill of healthy social interaction. As it is a residential school, students learn with and from each other, forming a staggeringly deep bond with one another. Even with all of the great things the institution does, like all things, CROEM does have two major faults: internal administration and external administration...
The thing I mostly love about CROEM is the academic preparation the teachers allow you to have in this school. You enter the school having a basic knowledge on many subjects and exit the school with an advanced knowledge on many courses and better readiness to what will be expected of you in college.
CROEM is an excellent highschool located in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico specialized in Math and Science. They make sure you learn what you need to begin college in a very prepared way. Their staff love what they do and give they full effort in helping create students of intellectual quality.
It is a great opportunity for young adults who want to pursue a career in not only science and math but also arts, with incredible teachers.
It's a great school if you love math and science. I took a lot of specialized and advanced courses that help you understand better the large ammount of fields of study out there. I get to graduate 1 year before everyone else and with a better education too. Thanks to CROEM I now know what I want to be and how to achieve it.
I got the chance to expand my horizons in the math and science areas, because they offered many AP math and sciences. We were exposed to a college/ university like environment. Since it is a residential school, we also get the experience of living away from home and living in a dorm experience. I find that it prepared me extremely well for my college years. The school also offers investigation courses and competitions, in which students have excelled world wide.
I graduated in 2017 and I can honestly say that I cannot imagine my life without going through this experience. I found my passion which is computer science, I found my best friends, my independency and I learned a lot about myself
CROEM in my opinion is the best school of Puerto Rico, it offers every tool to gifted students succeed in college life. It have an excellent curriculum of classes and a great personel, that is dedicated to their studets. CROEM is more than a school, is a family, a way of life that changes you forever.
I guarantee you that it is the best school in Puerto Rico. It overpasses other public and private schools.
CROEM is one if it is not the best school in Puerto Rico. It focuses on Science and mathematics by making its students take two classes of each one each semester. Also, it prepares its students for university life by having an enrollment system, dormitories, each one having maximum four roommates, and a great variety of clubs and organizations to be in.
The year I was in, the dorms were a disaster, the floor didn't even have tiles, just wall paint, and the bathrooms would smell terrible through the night due bad,old piping. A lot of the professors weren't very kind with students and demanded more than what we could handle. Nevertheless, younger ex-classmates have told me the dorms were renovated and the bad professors were taken care of.
I love the environment. It being a school specialized in Science and Math, all the students are very focused on excelling in their classes. It creates a healthy competitive environment where we are pushed to become the best students we can be. We are able to generate ideas and share them with people who are as passionate about the subject as we are.
I love Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Mayaguez because it is the best school in Puerto Rico by its academics, clubs, and college readiness.
Studying and graduating from said school gave me the best tools to enroll in my bachelors degree and prepared me to go through with a graduate program. The government should pay more attention to our laboratories, this way, they can be better supplied and aid in the bettering of the students.
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This school is a specialized one for highschoolers that are advanced in science and math. It is located in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico. CROEM (for short) has a very diverse set of courses, giving the students a glimpse of what life as a university student is. The students can create there own schedules (with at least 9 courses- min 2 math courses and 2 science courses). The professors are outstanding. Most of them also give or have given classes in universities as well as in this school. It is a residential school for anyone who would love a challenge.
My experience in the "Residential Center of Educative Opportunities of Mayagüez" or C.R.O.E.M, has been really nice and educative. C.R.O.E.M, is the first "residential" public school in Puerto Rico, where students from different towns and regions from Puerto Rico stay in the school to study. Our school is distinguished, for being the top and highest scorers in the PEAU administered by the college board, which is compared to the SAT given in the United States. In C.R.O.E.M, we have to take each year two maths and two sciences, because it is a school specialized in maths and sciences. It is really diverse, because of the different students that come from different towns with different customs and cultures. The only thing that the school needs to fix, is some of the facilities that are not in use, which can be used as laboratories or with different purposes within the educative system. C.R.O.E.M. overall is a highly recommended public school.
My experience at CROEM has been great. It is the best school of Puerto Rico. Has great college readiness, and lets you become independent. CROEM is a residential school, so you have a great residential and academic life. Science and maths are its specialties.
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