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My experience as a fellow student was amazing! They offer the best education to students with top notch teachers. The educators are compromised with their students and give them the best of material. Teachers prepare students for college as most of them implement educational programs seen in college classes. the school has diverse environment that make every student that goes feel welcome. I can honestly say it has made a huge impact in my life for the better.
My public school is known for it's focus on the visual arts, impressive education and the great community that thrives within it. One of the main benefits that's it's known for is it's encouragement towards the students to thrive on being creative and hard-working (unlike most public schools). I'd say that my favorite thing about the school are the teachers and the experience that goes with it. Sure there are times when they give us an absurd amount of work for the week but in the long run they help us mature and become more responsible. Overall I'd say my school is great but it still has some flaws, for one there could be more facilities available for the students and teachers. Not only that but the food can be pretty bland at times and sometimes there's one teacher throughout the school year that doesn't stand out as much as the others. Besides this small flaws I'd say the school is pretty amazing, specially if you're interested in studying art.
Escuela Central de Artes Visuales, was a great school for me. I attended from grade 7-12. This school allows middle school and high school students to develop their talents and interest in the art field while also providing a quality education. Once in high school the student may choose what type of art career or field they'd like to be specialized in. I do believe the school gives a great education but i do want to point out, that it is a very difficult school and it requires lots of dedication and discipline.
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A complete experience. While you're leaving you're going to feel like you had fulfilled anything that a student must know, from academics to behaviors and attitudes towards student life and life in general. You're going to feel well prepared to achieve your dearest dreams. Also, the independent and critical way of thinking is a must-have that a any centralino will eventually adquire.
Visitation is controlled, student's are not allowed to leave without a legal guardians during school and lunch hours and teachers listen to students if there is a problem.
I personally loved this school. You have to keep an above C grade average to stay in it so most students are very dedicated and passionate about their education. The teachers make sure you understand and learn what they give you. The building is a historical structure and its huge so its fun and amazing to arrive every day to what you thought before was an old museum, its great!
Most teachers are really dedicated to their work and focus on the student's dedication and potential rather than skill.
There are a lot of clubs and student organizations to choose from, however, I feel like there could be more. For example, there's no band or music club. Organizations such as the writing club, chess club and Christian youth group aren't as strong as they should be (they don't put themselves out there or do activities for the school, etc).
I believe it causes too much stress. If I could choose this school again, I wouldn't because it doesn't let me breathe, the counselor doesn't know how to do his job, my photography teacher is always late and in every grade there has been a teacher that ALWAYS gets to the class late. However, in every grade, there has been a special teacher that has made me learn a lot. Those have widen my knowledge and have actually helped me in extracurricular stuff.
Most of my teachers try their best to share what they know, but all of them give too much work and expect too much for little time. I spent most of my time struggling to do everything on time and to study for 3 tests for one day (there are 4 classes per day). The teachers seem to not be aware of all the things we go through in the semester. This includes the struggles we're having with our counselor, whom does not know how to deal with the Common Application website. The school is great, but it has caused too much stress in its student body.
The students at my school are very diciplined.
My school does not have very good facilities.
The teachers in my school are the best, they work hard so that the students can use all the knowledge they get in their lives.
It's okay but it could be much better. The funding that the school gets has a lot to do with it. But, I think if they work on it more, my school can have many great organizations.
The special education teachers are great, they worry about their students and care about their grades, they know what they're doing.
The cafeterias give a special balance of healthy nutritions, but even though people think differently, I don't and I love eating there.
It's very difficult but with proper studying you can succeed and when you graduate from this school you can study anything.
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There are different types of clubs to attend so nobody can be left out.
it's pretty good, although we don't have many sports to choose from and we don't have the money to spend on locker rooms and all the sports equipment that we need but our school is history and a work of art and that makes it special.
Definetly this school prepared me for the real world. The education quality is the best.
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