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Escuela Carmen Belén Veiga Reviews

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I like that it is peaceful. Although it is a small school it has it charm. I had great and not so great teachers there.
High quality teachers. Good school with great activities. Great clubs and activities groups, like music, astronomy, marketing, and others, where you can make friends that have the same interests like you. Other than that, a lot of university go to the school, and offer orientation for their programs. Overall, it has grear reputation, because of ots its excellence.
The professors are great. They are prepared to give education to the diversity of students. We consider our selfs family. The police officer give us safety during the school period. The school has more than seven clubs active. It has the activity to award the students with excellence. And an activity to award the students with moral values and sports. The colo of the facilities is green and white, that are very relaxing. It is always very clean thanks to the agent of cleaning,
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They play basketball, softball and soccer. They won the LIDESPO.
I'm in the Distributive Education program and in the general too. When I started in 10th grade I had a GPA of 2.93, now I have 3.68 GPA. Is a school that prepares the student for the college life. Is not easy, you have to complete a lot of things, but you get prepared for college. In the PPAA we are the highest in the district and in competitions like science fair we win. The best school.
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