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Escuela Bonifacio Sánchez Jiménez Reviews

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Was a nice experience, but could be better. They need many changes in structure and teachers. Better communication thru the process of being a future college student.
small school in a small town but very good academically. good teachers and they get you ready for college.
Overall this school was great. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to this school since it looks a little run down, but once you see through those wears and tears you'll see that the appearance isn't what count to have a great learning experience.
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There is always a police officer at the gate.
There are several programs like, the global progam, general, bilingual program, the Montessori program and the advanced program.
My experience in this school are unforgettable. Teachers put their heart and soul on the students to help them succeed in the future. Even if they give a lot of work, they really prepared us.

What makes the school unique is the environment; we all treat us as a family. We help each other, we know each other and also share with each other. It is a peaceful place to studying in.

I definitely would choose this school again.
Teachers really care about the future of their students.
the bathrooms are always dirty, they don;t have lots of janitors either
they have from music, to dance to sports to everything
parents aren't always the best, most of them do not get involved in school activities.
the teachers are not the worst but not the best either, some go to an extent but mostly dont;
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