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The safety in my school is very safety. I study there 3 years and I only see 2 fights but it was not to serious. Most of the kids in my school are very kind. You can walk safely and you can't see people making bully. The police always take signs to the people who enters and the people that leaves the building. Most of the time, the police close the gates so the students can't get out.
The best club in my school is the butterfly club. In there the teacher teach us to take care of the butterflies so they don't extinct. We also learn to plant, harvest, recycle, create compost but the most important thing we learn there is to take care of the environment the is around us.
I choose this school again because it was the place where I meet my friends. I really have memorable experiences and memories in there. There are some few problems but most of the time they solve the problems. We have the best basketball team of all Ponce. I always go to the games and cheer them up. In the games I played the trumpet. We have won all the games, we are now unbeaten.
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The teachers in my school are very good people. They are wise and most of the time they are available to help other students. They always push us hard so we can learn and we could be prepared to go to college.
The school is very safe. I have never seen a fight in the school. Generally the safety is good.
Some teachers are the best, others doesn't have control of the group, but in general it is okay.
Some teachers are good and give their class. Others don't have control of the group and you can't learn easy. The school doesn't offer advance classes, but you can take a vocational course.
I select this school because it's offer vocational courses. But I wouldn't select thei school again because there you can't grow as a hole person. There's no many opportunities to develop yourself.
The facilities of the school are new, but some areas of the school are closed.
Some students, like me, doesn't need to take physical education. The facilities are good. There's no many variety of sports.
Sometimes the food is not well cook, but generally is okay.
The principal don't support the students. There is no balance; she wants that students have a good behavior, good califications, but she don't give us almost nothing. The guidance counselors are good.
There's no many extra curricular opportunities at this school for students. The school don't bring support to the students so they can develop.
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