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Escuela Benito Cerezo Marquez Reviews

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It's a good school. You learn a lot and meet great people who will make your high school experience memorable. Would go back if I could.
90% of school students are christian, but respect everyone's different points of view. We believe that everyone has their own opinion and should respect others as well.
I'm not involve in any team or sport whatsoever but the school takes sports, especially basketball, seriously. There isn't a game we haven't won! A lot of students looking to be in the best team go here.
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Although some rules, like any other school, I find incompetent, it's administration is excellent and again I cannot complain.
It is excellent in security. I cannot complain about it, I feel super safe.
I can't complain. I studied in private schools my whole life and sadly had to endure years of bullying. In my country public schools are known to be quite dangerous but when I came to Benito my whole demeanor changed, I became more confident and made new friends who are the people I love.
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