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Escondido High School offers some of the best teachers I've ever met. They are all very caring, thorough, friendly, and good at their jobs. As well as excellent faculty, Escondido High offers various clubs around campus, including a Key Club, GSA, NHS, and CSF. Escondido High School works hard to ensure their students get the best learning opportunities as well as a good time on campus.
I’m a senior at ehs and I love this schol, because it’s very diverse. The safety is great, the academics are decent, the teachers are decent, college readiness is great. Teachers/staff help students with college. Most people have a club and it’s very good because it means they are involved with the school
Escondido high school was pretty good, I attended there for four years and it wasn't too bad. Personally I was moderately involved in school activities and clubs all four years, had nerdy friends, and took lots of ap classes, and enjoyed my time here.

If you're a new student you should know that there are plenty of resources available if you look into it, so don't hesitate to go to the office or college and career center to look into what they offer. Personally all the educational programs are good, but be wary because there are teachers which can make the high school experience more painful than it should be.

If you're a high school senior don't rely on counselors to help you with every little thing when it comes to the college application process . A lot of the information you need you might have to find out for yourself aside from the basics. Although they are very involved in the college application process and have gotten better at motivating students to apply.
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All the teachers are great, if having any doubts or concerns you can always count on any adult.
The campus is not great but it's really good, very welcoming environment from everyone since I started.
Some of the teachers are amazing. I will give EHS that. Shane Morey, Nicole Hoofard, Marc Reyburn, and Brittany Womack have been some of the most life-changing individuals I have met. Other teachers are beyond firable. When you fail 20 out of 26 students, something is wrong with how you teach.
The school is fairly open to socialization. Bullying is never a problem here, and clubs are great to be involved with.
The problems here are purely academic.
Sports are amazing. The school gives a genuinely good high school experience and fosters a very good sense of identity and community. I have no complaints, and it was a very good experience going here.
Good school with quite a few teachers that care. The students can get out of hand sometimes, but I feel that is every school.
Many teachers here seem well qualified and knowledgable in their subjects. Recently, students have not been allowed to go to their cars which has been hurting a lot of our backs as we have to carry our textbooks with no locker or car to drop if off at.
My experience as a student at Escondido High School was very good. I felt like I could communicate with the teachers. What I would like to see improve is their food.
Pretty average school. Nothing exciting or interesting about the school. The only really cool thing here is the memes. Our school has a really nice meme page on Instagram that makes up for the uninteresting school.
Escondido high school is a good school with good staff. It has a wide variety of clubs for students to join. The food is not good and the academics are lacking. Over all it is a fairly decent school with a mostly safe environment.
My experience during high school was a very calm one. I played soccer there which is a good school to do so in. Sports play a big part at the school, but the teachers want to see you excell as well. Like everywhere else there are some good and bad teachers. For the most part the teachers I had were very helpful and wanted everyone to succeed so they can move on with greater knowledge than when they walked in.
Escondido High School is doing "great" in a sense. They are focusing on sports more, which it's always been that way and school clubs like robotics and culinary aren't getting enough attention.
I wish that they cared more about how they don't have enough science classes. Also how someone like myself who has been in an honors math class for my whole life now has to go and be in a regular math class because they want to get rid of those labels. Yet now they are jeopardizing my education and making me fall behind in math because of this and I'm not even allowed to ask to be placed in a higher class.
I like the academic opportunities and club involvement. What I would like to change is have the community be more involved with school events.
I liked the environment of the campus. Everyone was very involved with one another. It is an extremely diverse school and I definitely feel as if though I belong on campus.
As a avidly involved high school senior, I would say that my high school experience was quite memorable. I have made such profound connections with most of my teachers who have done nothing but encouraged me throughout my career and re-ignited my passion for learning. My peers have been supportive and appreciative of what I've done within the school and that is all I've ever needed.
It’s a school wear the staff try to get everyone to put their part of making it a better environment where everyone can be safe and can come happy too. The teacher here are awesome most of them I had got along with me and I’m not a social person but most of teachers I had made me social with the people around me.
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I thought my high school experience was average. There was enough good resources, facilities, staff and teachers that made it not only bearable but interesting. Some teachers were more inspiring and motivated than others. I just wish more students got involved in school clubs, organizations, sports, and extracurricular because then everyone's experience would have improved, been more fun, and brought more spirit to school events such as spirit days, rallies, football games, events by the arts, and our school newspaper and news video series.
I enjoy the overall evironment of Escondido High School. There are many sports and clubs to join. What interest me in particular is the intergrity among students.
I went to Escondido High School, because my mother and her family went there. I wanted to carry on the generations at this high school. I enjoyed my time here. I do wish there were some things that were different. I wished they did not push Palomar College and CSU San Marcos down their students throats. When I wanted to ask about other university I had in mind, they did not think I had the chance on going there. They told me to apply somewhere else and not to get hyped on the idea of going to that University. Another problem I had at Escondido, there were not enough counselors for the amount of students. I barely saw mine. I probably went to her three times in one year. There were barely any communications between me and her. The academics were good. They were not the greatest, but I came from a private school, so I did not expect much.
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