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At Escondido Charter High School all classes are college prep, also with few integrated college classes. The school is very small allowing the school community and culture to grow close. Some of the athletic teams are difficult to get into while others aren't -football compared to soccer-.
The academic material was really well taught and the teachers all had personable relationships with the students due to keeping classes sizes smaller. Escondido Charter really helps students be over prepared for college and it drastically makes it easier.
The teachers were very supportive and were approachable. I bonded easily with many and was placed in a competitive and constructive environment that allowed me to challenge myself.
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I really like how Charter focuses mainly on academics. I've befriended many teachers and feel like I could tell them anything. All teachers want you to succeed and will help you achieve that.
I have been apart of the American Heritage Charter Schools program since Kindergarten. I have been a white tiger for all 13 years, where my friends have become my family. Because of the small campus, it feels like home. The teachers are very supportive and do their best to see their students grow. I would not change a single thing about this school. I am blessed to have been apart of many traditions throughout the school years that make Charter, Charter. The uniqueness of the school makes it different from others. From Saxon Day, to airbands, there are many days that students look forward to every year.
I loved how the teachers are friendly and build bonds with their students. Charter also has weird fun activities that happen monthly.
Love the school. My daughter gets so much out of the curriculum. Every core subject is a challenge so she does not get bored. Teachers are wonderful and are always there to help. Tutorial is available for those who need it and there is always peer help.
It’s the only school I’ve ever known and in being so, I am unable to draw fair comparison. But through way of mouth I can assume that Charter is more academically rigorous than other schools, whether that that level of rigor is worth the lost hours of sleep is up for interpretation.
Escondido Charter High School is a very great school. There are many strict rules at Charter, but that is a good thing because it keeps the school safer and creates a nicer environment. The campus isn't that big and there aren't that many students in each class which means the teacher can pay more attention to each student. Charter has its own weird, but fun, traditions where we celebrate Saxon day for the creator of the math Saxon books. We create plays and skits related to math.
We had a very good experience in the Individualized Learning Program. My child had an excellent teacher that really took the time to care for her and teacher her in a way that made learning fun and easy. He gave her excellent advice and helped her get into a wonderful college.
I loved this high school. I am so thankful I got to go here. The campus was beautiful and incredibly safe. The Admin team really cares about the students' welfare and do their very best to adapt to students needs. I am far more prepared for college than some of my peers at university, with research papers, large presentations, and professional dress / work ethic already under my tool belt.
I love the small class size, student-teacher interaction, and emphasis on college readiness. The school focuses heavily on maintaining its "unique culture" which can be beneficial but also very frustrating at time (it leads to close-mindedness, old-fashioned and sexist dress code, etc.) It is very traditional and conservative, which was difficult for me seeing as a lot of the students are judgmental. However, the classes and teachers are the best I have ever experienced and I have loved my academic journey overall. The best classes are definitely the English and math classes. Very small, which some may enjoy, but for me it was too small. However, it did allow students to build close relationships with fellow students and teachers.
It is a very small school. It offers very limited course paths, but provides great attention from the teachers who have been at the school from the beginning. The current or new teachers show less effort towards their students, but the seasoned teachers gift to their students skills outside of the average high school.
ECHS is an entirely unique school. No student will have the same experience as the other. With a small, college-esque campus and excellent teachers, the academics are the greatest part of it. However, the sports teams aren't always the greatest.
Escondido Charter High School focuses on their academics and wants every single one of their students to be successful and offers great resources.
What I really enjoyed about the school was how invested all of my teachers were in our learning and our success. For the most part, they genuinely cared about us and wanted to see us succeed in life.
Escondido Charter High School had a community that was different from any other school. It is small, close-knit community, where support is key. Teachers are there to support you and make sure they succeed even after high school. From crazy spirit days to airbands, this is the atmosphere created at Escondido Charter. It is a tradition that keeps this culture alive for many years. Academically, we are highly ranked in our area and well known in other colleges. The curriculum of each class is rigorous, but the teachers will willingly help the students pass each course. Escondido Charter High School prepares the students to be successful in the future.
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Escondido Charter High School is a great school with great teachers. Teachers go above and beyond to make sure you learn and are ready for college.
I completed the independent study program through Escondido Charter High School and I absolutely loved it. The freedom was great and allowed me to finish my last two years of high school in just over one year!
I took the Independent Learning Program at Escondido Charter High School. The program definitely helped me prepare for college. I was able to decide what classes I wanted to take in order, which teacher I'd be with, and what time I'd like to attend. I met with a counselor every week who helped me complete other classes via weekly packets which were accompanied by a textbook. The program helped me graduate early with fantastic grades. I was taught how to manage my time and create a time efficient, yet convenient, schedule. It was because the program was designed so similar to a college experience that I was able to transition into the college lifestyle smoothly.
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