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Escondido Adventist Academy is a small school with little access to advanced courses. Few AP classes are taught with the exception of online courses. There is not much guidance towards college other than Adventist Schools. Teachers care about their students but are not the strictest. There are no clubs or extracurricular activities other then music and sports.
EAA is a small school with limited resources, if you really want to get ahead you have to take the initiative. Online Courses are offered to enhance your education as well. Teachers care about their students but are very lenient. The culture as a whole is not very positive but that depends on what group you find yourself in.
This is a good school. Nice campus and nice teachers. Class sizes are smaller so your child has more access to the help they need.
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There's really not that many. only choir or handbells after school really and of course sports
been here since kinder so i kinda need change
They all do a fantastic job and push you to become a beyter person
The school isn't all bad. There are some good students that do go there and parents who genuinely want what's best for their children. In its entirety, the school closes their students off to a lot of topics that need to be openly addressed. There aren't a lot of options as far as extracurriculars or creative outlets are concerned. The school's tuition is very high but the quality of education isn't any better than that of a traditional public school. Some high school courses that are mandatory that aren't credited in most colleges (History of Religion, Integrated Chemistry/Physics, etc.). There is a benefit to having a small class; students have a strong bond. However, if a student is rejected by the class, they become the punchline of every joke or outcasted. Students are educated about the Bible, the Lord, and Jesus Christ, and prayer is offered when class starts, before every meal, and at the end of the day.
The athletic program is good, however it is expensive.
Bullying is a topic that is discussed at least twice per school year. The cyber bullying assembly is probably the most stressed. Fist fighting, physical fighting/inappropriate conduct, or even threats about physical harm are not at all tolerated, and can lead to suspension or expulsion. However, there is a lot of verbal and emotional bullying that goes on behind the scenes that is not addressed to due somewhat of a social hierarchy and the rule that students have to both socialize and work with bullies/victims, regardless of how well they coexist.
There is no school nurse. They have security cameras in the hallways that are said to be constantly rolling, but if a student misbehaves by vandalizing property/other rule violation, the teachers have used the excuse that going back through the tapes would be too time consuming. There is no school security, other than the teachers and faculty on site. They only recently built a fence around the campus. Bullying is a topic that is constantly addressed and although there is no physical fist fighting, there is a lot of under-the-table tension that is not dealt with by teachers. Verbal and emotional bullying is evident, although it is often avoided or masked.
The most dedicated teachers are the ones that teach 5th - 8th grade; the junior high teachers. They put in time and effort to do their best to work with both students and parents. However, the curriculum and textbooks used are outdated, and most teachers are strict and rigid. The material taught is not up to par with what is taught at public schools. There is a political element of favoritism.
The academics available are all very good.
The teachers are the best part of the school.
Lots of sports and clubs made the school a wonderful learning and socializing environment.
It prepared me to be an outgoing worker and ready for the world.
Purely vegetarian, but almost always delicious and the cook is willing and able to do special request, especially for food allergies. I often ate there and it was better than a bagged lunch, for the most part.
I always felt very safe there, but friends and others reported being bullied occasionally and the teachers only stopped it in class. One of my friends had to go to the principal to get the rumors to stop and once or twice a person was bullied by the upperclassmen and left the school altogether. But if the teachers were nearby they always stopped that immediately.
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