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Escanaba Area Public High School Reviews

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I like that they have AP classes available to take. I wish they would have more, but I am glad that they have some. The academics are very good and so are the athletics.
I really enjoy my school and all of my teachers, but I feel that our counslers at our school don't help us enough when we need help preparing for college
I loved how friendly and willing to help all the teachers are, even if you're not in their class. One thing I would like to be different is the mascot.
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The teachers at Escanaba High School are phenomenal, you won't regret taking classes at this school. They are very friendly and your classmates are great helpers.
There are so many opportunities at Escanaba High School. Between academic opportunities and extra curricular, there are countless ways to get involved. This school offers many accelerated classes and ways to get ahead for college, as well as many teachers who are wonderful and always willing to help. The performing arts program at Escanaba Senior High is truly amazing. There are so many ways for people to utilize their talent. We have a musical every year that is always phenomenal, and our marching band and colorguard is such a great part of football games. The directors of our performing arts are so talented. The sports teams at this school are so great, the coaches are very helpful. Our teams are filled with talented students who can balance school and their sports. The teachers, classes, and extra activities make this school a positive environment for students.
I find Escanaba Area Public High School to offer a tremendous amount of opportunities for the students, we have a large variety of clubs. sports and fine-arts programs. Escanaba also has a wide variety of alternatives in classing to suit each student, along with accelerated/honor/AP classes and duel enrollment, which is excellent! The teachers (most of them) make it a mission to directly teach each student and will spend a good amount of time with each of us individually if it's needed. The only complaint I would have is on our concert band programs. They're a little neglected by the teacher, and we tend to waste that class hour. Needless to say, if you're looking for a music class - I'd recommend anything other than chorus or concert band due to those specific teachers dropping the ball. Aside from all that, the overall experience is pretty good.
Moving from a small town in Marquette County, MI, I found it surprisingly easy to adapt to the new environment. Not only is there so much less homework, but they have a legitimate and well-established orchestra program! Not only that, but there are routes for alternative education whether it be online or in a specific trade. The students aren't very progressive, however, but that comes as no fault to the administration and rather to the parents and environment he/she was raised in. The student body isn't very diverse, with only about seven black students, four asians, and three of Latin or Hispanic descent in the high school out of around five hundred students.
The teachers are often helpful and encouraging, even my orchestra teacher, despite his cool demeanor. The district is also equipped with the materials to deal with mental illness, even going so far as to recommend a location which provides adult psychiatry for my older sister, which was causing a lot of stress at the time.
The teachers at EHS love their students and I think a lot of kids really feel at home here. I would like to see improvements in the overall environment of classrooms; i.e: the desks are uncomfortable and often broken, some rooms are too hot while other rooms are freezing, the overall appearance of most classrooms are bleak and depressing. This makes it hard to learn.
Most of the teachers are willing to help and go out of their way to assist the students. The small class size allows for easier chances to gain opportunities. However, many of the rules have recently gotten stricter, and that's upset many of the students. The school is also heavily under-funded, meaning there's usually 30 kids with one teacher, making it difficult to control a classroom. The fine arts program is very strong compared to nearby schools, but sports are seen as a priority by the administration. The programs for students with disabilities is a better quality than almost any one of the other districts. There's a small amount of AP classes, and many of them are math and science related, leaving the non-STEM kids behind.
Well I like the school and the faculty are cordial and always want to help and would love to see their students succeed.
For scheduling, it goes by seniority. So the upper levels sign up first and are given the possible classes for that year. This includes AP classes, advanced classes, online classes, regular classes, and classes at the ISD. The teachers work well with the students as far as teaching the material for the given class and the students are aware of each class' workload the first week of school during "orientation". The popular classes in my opinion are the AP classes because we offer five of them and everyone wants to boost their GPA since our AP's are based on a five-point scale.
I am not personally a social person. But our student council gets everyone involved with current activities. I haven't really experienced peer pressure at all at my school. Acceptance is a pretty big thing at Escanaba. Everyone is judging and everyone wants to fit in and not be an outcast and that can be hard sometimes.
At Escanaba High School, we have drama club, chess club, running club, debate club, French club, Spanish club, yearbook club, and a journaling club. French, Spanish and Yearbook club require a lot of time and effort and are the more fun and exciting clubs. All of the clubs are after school and all require at least an hour each week after school. We also have a lot of sports for after school activities that all require at least two and a half hours of practice every day of the week. Such sports include cheerleading, football, basketball, volleyball, gymnastics, tennis, cross country, track, wrestling, softball, baseball and hockey.
My experience at my high school has been spectacular thus far. My favorite experience is Homecoming because all the students work together as a whole in every grade to encourage each other and show school spirit. I would choose this school over again because of the knowledge I have acquired through this school and for the opportunity of classes I have every year.
The teachers at my high school are knowledgeable and hardworking and are always using new teaching techniques that engage the students. They are interested in every one of their students and strive to help each student succeed. They communicate their topics well and prepare for their lectures in their preparatory hour. They also don't take favorites and their grading is always fair. Overall the teachers at Escanaba are amazing.
Most people are accepting, but our school is not diverse.
Schedules are often messed up prior to the school year beginning.
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Compared to other schools, we have less security. Although nothing terribly bad has happened at our school.
There is a great amount of sports and activities for everyone to get involved in.
There are tremendous teachers, and coaches who make learning and athletics enjoyable.
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