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My sons middle school curriculum was academically equivalent to my private school education. The teachers were attentive to his needs and were available to answer questions if needed. There are many activities that promote social interaction. He went from making c’s and d’s, to making straight a’s. He decided he wanted to attend brick and mortar for his high school career, and continued to take his math classes through flvs. My son started college this year as an education/math major and so far he is academically prepared for his degree. We recommend virtual classes.
Escambia Virtual Academy is great for students who are achieving goals that require their time. With online courses, the student can choose when and where to do their work. This allows the student to manage their time and not waste it. In many public schools, students waste a large portion of their time. However, Escambia Virtual Academy is only for the disciplined. The student must manage their time wisely. Furthermore, there is little opportunity of extracurricular activities through the school, or socializing. It is best if the student can get these from other sources.
I really just love all of Escambia Virtual Academy. Amazing teachers, amazing program, really good information as well! Would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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The teachers, in general, are great. But, like any school, there are those annoying or exasperating few that you like to complain about to your friends. They aren't the majority though, thankfully. The curriculum, I imagine, is just as difficult as that of public school, if not more so. I think the assignments have a lot more depth and requirements than what I did in public school. It is most likely in an effort to make sure that students are having to make the same efforts as those who have to attend pubic school. There is also a lot of access to Honors, AP, and Dual Enrollment courses. I spent the last two years of my high school experience (today is the last day of school), enrolled in a local college as well as EVA. I racked up a ton of college credits that way, as well as completing Honors EVA courses. They are more difficult, but worth it if you consider the value they add to your transcripts. I felt challenged and satisfied by these courses. The workload could be overwhelming at times, as EVA students are responsible for staying on pace and finishing on time by the semester deadline. However, it is not impossible and I, along with many other kids, have been able to finish on time every year.
For a totally online forum, the extracurricular options are amazing! Spanish club, STEM club, Technology, Creative Writing Club, Literary Magazine, Student Newspaper, Yearbook, Book Club, Teen Driving Club - they have it all! EVA is a county branch of the Florida Virtual School franchise, and therefore have access to almost all of the clubs FLVS offers. Some of the clubs, like the Literary Magazine, require active contributions from their members to run. As Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, I've worked with students all over the state to publish the Spring and Fall editions every year. We edit writing material, and create layouts for the selected materials in the magazine. Other clubs, like the Creative Writing Club or the Book Club, don't really require anything other than meeting participation from their members, as they discuss their writing or the books that they're covering. It really depends on the student, but I find the clubs that require more work from their members the most fun, because it makes you feel like a valued and involved member of your school, even if it is online. The club advisors are amazing as well, and, without them, the club experience just wouldn't be the same. Our magazine's advisor has been my favorite teacher all throughout high school, even though I've never actually been in any of her classes. Amazing quality all around for a virtual school.
It's a completely online school, which means MAJOR flexibility for people like me, who have activities occupying my time during hours where most kids are in public school. I can work at my pace and on my own clock. I think it's a definite head start. People who go to this school have an advantage over public school high school students (and students in general) because it's preparing you for college and life beyond that without even changing the curriculum. It is up to the student to stay on pace with their work and get things done by the set deadline. Some teachers get on you, but, in general, (at least for high school students), they leave you to your own devices. If you aren't motivated and able to manage your time and work, you won't succeed in this school. You learn good time management very early on. EVA also has a wide variety of online student clubs available to students, such as the school newspaper (which has received awards), the school yearbook, and the school literary magazine (also has been awarded), which I am the Editor-in-Chief of. There are many more clubs that I haven't mentioned. They all give students an opportunity to meet one another and invest in different extracurricular activities that are fun, constructive, and engaging. I would definitely go to this school again, if I had a do-over. No other school would have given me all of those things AND been online. As long as a student has sufficient drive and independence (doesn't need a teacher hanging over their shoulder to make them do work), then they will succeed at EVA.
In general, EVA teachers are helpful, prompt, and friendly towards students. In some cases, they can be hard to get in touch with or unresponsive when grading work, but not horribly so. For the most part, they are good teachers that will help you out if you need it. Their biggest concern is that you stay on pace, and they are usually pretty good at reminding students of that.
I really only was in it for the free college. I never took any classes from EVA.
Because of the school's guidance, I was able to dual-enroll at a local college for free.
The teachers work very hard to ensure each student passes.
It is a virtual school, but all of the teachers and administrators will do anything possible to help you succeed.
I love the teaching styles of most of my teachers! They are all very kind and involved with the students.
We don't have clubs as much as we have just extracurricular classes that the students can interact with each other in.
Administration is great and teachers are polite.
This school is great, but there are many flaws.
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