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I love how no matter what our teachers want us to see us do good .They but up with everything we do and continue to help us do what needs to be done .
Escambia High School is better than most describe it as. The education varies from teacher to teacher but thankfully I have been able to receive education from many underrated, kind, and intelligent instructors. As an honors student, the classroom setting is a decently inviting space with minimum distractions. However, when stepping into a general classroom there is much more chaos which needs to be better controlled. There is an amount of inconsistency with the schedule in relation to lunch timings which can disrupt a routine but other than that the school is very solid, especially in comparison to other schools in this area.
The deans would normally crack down on meaningless things such as: holding hands or a kiss on the cheek, but when it came to the more important problems, they would turn their heads.
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Some of the best teachers I have ever had. The latin program is one of the best in the state and has alot of trophys. I loved most of the teachers there and miss them.
Escambia High School is a great high school for students in the Pensacola area. However, some things are better than others. Our academics are not the best in Pensacola. Teachers do not tend to be personable for students or help suit their needs. Many teachers do not have their courses set up to prepare students for college.

Some things are better. Our school is highly diverse with all types of students. We have many clubs and activities for students and parents stay fairly involved. Many of our students come from poverty or nothing, so our culture has to be learned and nurtured but everybody fits in.
Attending public schools for all of my k-12 years around the same area, Escambia was normal imo. There are teachers there who have changed my life for the better and who truly cared about the well-being of students, but there are also teachers there who don't care or teach but still want money. As long as you choose your classes wisely (ask older students about the classes they took and about their experiences) and make good friends, you should have a fairly decent high school experience. Also make sure to get involved and join some clubs!
I transferred here from West Florida. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. I met so many people, had some amazing teachers, and even graduated with summa cum laude (highest honors). Leaving this school was hard due to the fact that it had such an impact on my life. One of the best high schools in Pensacola. Only thing that could use work would be the administration.
I will constantly tell people that your education is what you make it, not necessarily indicative of what the school has to offer. Even though some parts of the school were in need of updating, the teachers were the best part of attending. I took mostly honors classes, so I felt an intellectual challenge with a majority of my classes. This school had a sub-par administration and there is currently a scandal regarding their handling of a yearbook page submission from a student. However bad the office administration may have been, I had a very good experience at this school.
It’s a good school, just needs better guidence counseling rather than just getting classes together for the next years help us find scholarships for our intended majors, etc. Half of the junior class doesn’t even know where to start with scholarships with the lack of help. But the fine arts program is really good! The band, etc!! ROTC is amazing! So is engineering!
Escambia High School is one of the best in the district. The football games and overall energy of the school was amazing and full of spirit. However, when football season ended I found that the other sports were left out and the school's spirit died. The administration is great, I love the principal, Mr. Frank Murphy! The cafeteria serves decent food for a school cafeteria, as there is specialty lines. I absolutely loved Gator Time, it gave me the time I needed for clubs and schoolwork. Overall, I loved Escambia and am glad I graduated from there last year.
The school, education wise, is rather good. However, as I state my case, the school is making it extremely impossible for us to catch up with work, we have this amazing thing called, "Gator Time'. unfortunately it was taken away for two months. Thankfully though, it has been returned to us and i am now getting better grades. The students are not the nicest, but I have found a handful of amazing students.
I was very involved within the school and it made my high school experience amazing! My junior year, we received a new principal and he really changed the school and made major improvements!
I liked that Escambia High School provided each student with a unique experience and gave them many opportunities. Between the film academy and culinary academy, the top 5 ROTC program in the nation, and the extracurriculars; each student is given a variety of opportunities to increase their chances of excelling to the next level of education and boosting their self-esteem to continue pursuing their future dreams.
Escambia High is very old. The building is falling apart and is a health hazard. Teachers are more so babysitters and the staff is prejudice. I do not reccomend anyone sending their children here. Once a week we were on lock down for intruders. This school has so many drugs and does not focus on academics.
My experience with Escambia is pretty good so far, and its not that bad. The only thing I want to see change is some curriculums to help students who are struggling. Maybe start some sort of program to help struggling students make up credits, and better understand their material.
The organization of this school is absolutely horrific, they really need to focus more on the students rather than the district test.
The school was very interesting. There was always something to do, always something to be apart of. The sports programs were good and the music programs were amazing. The culinary academy and aviation academy always preformed exceptionally well!
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This school was fantastic. I was an honors student and the teachers went above and beyond so that I would excel. The band is really good at this school, and I would recommend the band program to anyone looking for one.
While I've had a few amazing teachers and enriching classes at Escambia High School, my overall experience has been negative; uncaring administration, underfunded science and art programs, and just general poor academics made productive learning difficult at EHS.
There is almost two sides to the school, there are the students who academically are in good standings and are not in trouble very often, and then there are the students who are failing the easiest of classes and seem to always be in the dean's office for some reason or another. Often time teachers will judge you based off which crowd you are with and it is almost hard not to since there is such a vast distinction between the two. We use to have a study/ lunch hour called "gator time", it was when students could receive help academically and also eat within a 50 minute time period and it was amazing. For students who worked or did extra circular activities you no longer had to stay after school to make up a test or if you felt you needed help on a subject you could go to your teacher during gator time and receive assistance. Overall, I wouldn't say we're a bad school, but i defiantly wouldn't say we're a good one either.
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