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I loved that the adminstration was always involved in all activities. They helped a student no matter what the suituation was.
Escambia County High School was a very productive four years, I was able to secure an identity for myself in addition to gaining insight on how to prepare for the future. While attending I was influenced by my peers and instructor on where to pursue a career in Mechanical Engineering. Because of them I was also able to be accepted to many other colleges in addition to being awarded a plethora of scholarships to start my pursuit of higher education.
When I first attended Escambia County High School I was scared and lost but, The staff and faculty welcomed me and taught me what i needed to know and learn.And they treat you like family no one is better than the other so that being said, all and all Escambia County High School is a 10 out of 10 in my book.
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My experience at Escambia County High School was amazing i learned a lot of amazing new things and make some lifetime friendships.
Escambia County High School overall was an ok school. It was not the best, it was not the worse. The good things about the school was that some teachers actually did care about students and they actually helped and taught. Another thing that I liked was the size of the campus. I liked the smallness. A downfall of the school was that some teachers were really rude and could care less about students. There was not a "no bullying" policy in effect like it was said to be. Other than that, Escambia County High School in Atmore was not really a bad school. Like stated before, it was ok.
Escambia County High School is a school that has major diversity. From the athletics department to the school club it is everything you'd hope for. The Only Thing I would change is the lunchroom food. Overall, our main focus is education and all the teachers strive to get students college ready.
The things I like about my school is that I am surrounded by people who really care about my education and others. Every teacher there is there to do just exactly what they should do which is to make sure that every student gets the same opportunity as other students to be as great as possible and reach their goals. We are challenged each day by our teachers with our work and more than ever by our principal. There was a time that I was worried about my information being sent off to a college, my principal made sure that they received everything they should have received for me by the end of that week. This shows a lot about our school body and the dedication they have upon their students that attend there. In the meantime, I would like to see a change in our set goals. We should set our goals higher to achieve much more. Overall, I think my school is fantastic and there is no way around saying just that.
There are some that helps you and actually care but there are some others that don't.
The social scene at this school is alright but a little outgoing.
The academic at the school offers a vary amount of topics but most students special study options.
The safety policies at the school is very strict and has gotten stricter over the past years.
Extracurricular activities at this school are very outgoing and the people who participate in it have a lot of pride while be involve in the activities. I high prefer that this school gives students a lot of opportunity to show what you have instead of hidden it.
The teaching skills at this school has a very high quality because the teachers really take time out of their spare time to help the students that are failing or need more help than others.
The people at the school overall have good spirit. I wouldn't probably want to do it again due to how cold hearted so,e people are.
The school and staff isn't so bad. It's actually a great school to attend.
Escambia County High School, has a strong policy on safety to where things are strictly enforced.

Visitors that check-in can't even go to the bathroom first without seeing the Secretary and getting a visitors pass.

Echs has now built a fish tank for our other Secretary to sit in to actually monitor when someone comes in and out.
The extracurricular activities are outstanding and are pushed to unknown limits.

Escambia County High School is based on a winning environment everybody lose when you win a game or place 1st in a tournament
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I've been attending this school for 3 & a half years and it just stands out amongst me. The staff and students all come together to make it a delightful environment.
I think this school is safe because nothing really goes on here.
This schools have an okay extracurricular opportunities but there's limited clubs and very hard to get into.
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