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Athletics are very emphasized. Classes are ok though quality varies by teacher. Academics are downplayed and the arts are not well represented.
When I attended Escalon High school, I met a lot of amazing people who I am still in contact today . The teachers there are amazing ! I highly
It is a really small school and there is a lack of open-minded people. I think some improvements need to be made in administration as well.
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Escalon High School is a small school with a lot of fans that enjoy watching and supporting the students with their after school activities. We have many section titles as well as state titles. A wonderful community with strong ties and great community support.
Most of our teachers at Escalon High really care about the students. I would like to see the teachers speak more about college beginning freshman year. I would like the school guidance counselors to implement more hands-on mandatory planning starting junior year. It goes very fast, and it would be great if the school took time that forced juniors to complete applications, academic resumes, and letters of recommendation as part of a class, so that there is completion. This might help students be truly prepared for college applications.
I very much enjoy Escalon High. I hear so many people talk about how they hate going to school everyday but I don't. Escalon tries to make going to school each day fun and interesting. The staff is extremely helpful and encouraging towards their students. The only reason I gave a 4 our of 5 is because since we are a more rural school district the education isn't as evolved or challenging as it might need to be for those that are more intellectually advanced than others.
Overall students get a good high school experience at Escalon high. It's a small school so teachers know your name. Sports are taken seriously at Escalon. Very much the small town, Friday night football kind of high school. Academics are decent for how small of a school it is.
When this school decides to put half as much effort into education programs as they do their football program, they might have a fighting chance.
Considering that I have gone to Escalon Unified Schools since I was about 3 years old, I would say that it has been nothing but help. Every teacher I have ever had, has been nothing but helpful. Whenever I struggled with something and I couldn't fix it or do it by myself, they were always there. The four years I have been at Escalon High, the administration has been kind and generous to your feelings. The sports have been an amazing program to be in and I am beyond thankful for that. The academics have been a struggle, but all you have to do it really push through and try and you will succeed. After I leave Escalon High, I will not try to hide the fact that I will miss this place so much.
The school is very nice and has enough opportunities for students to be successful if those opportunities are taken advantage of.
Teachers are mostly there for students with any questions and are often available for help.
It was overall okay, there were a few things that could be improved upon.
Most teachers are very dedicated to what they do.
Not helpful well most of them anyway do not seem to like the job
I guess it depends on the student. Personally I struggle with the Teachers and the availability of the counselor as well as her knowledge. Some teachers act just as immature as their students. Have to be on your teachers if you need help but help is minimal.
I love the small amount of students but I struggle with the teachers and faculty not caring about students.
Our English and foreign language departments are amazing, the other departments are mostly terrible and need a lot of help.
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Great staff, teachers,coaches,office, janitorial , and maintenance.
I feel that Escalon High school provides a great learning experience. The campus environment is quite friendly. It is noticible that this school is based on family and values. I would choose this school all over again because it has a very unique way of treating people. It makes students and family feel welcome.
I love all the facilities of my highscool
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