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Escalante Middle/High School Reviews

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I enjoyed Escalante because I had my friends there and I played sports. I would like to see the political issues come to an end. The higher ups at Escalante care too much about the opinions of their friends rather than what is best for the school and its students.
Not many safety measures, but it is enough.
Most teachers are average. There are a few really good teachers.
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The only good thing about the academics is the dual credit program. Electives are not available.
Extra-curriculars are little to none. Sports are available and a student council that is only active during one month of the school year. For things like health coalition and natural helpers, students must be invited which turns this into a popularity contest. Therefore, students do not have equal chances to participate.
While athletics seem to be the main priority of this school, it has major advantages. A great dual credit program is offered with around twenty college courses being offered and the possibility to earn the 60 credit hours required for an Associate's Degree.
Only a few teachers really help the students.
there is not enough variety of clubs or students interested.
i did not feel prepared for anything while at this school.
There are 4 sports at our school. I wish we had Cross Country or softball. I wish there were more clubs besides Student Senate.
My guidance counselor is very helpful and available, along with some other teachers.
I like the teachers that I had these past four years. Some could put a little more effort, but others go beyond and really help.
I think that people who do something bad don't get as much punishment as they should.
I think that my school is an OK school. I have good friends and I feel safe.
Our cooks have their ups and downs. Some days are good and some are bad, but mostly good. We don't really have a variety, but we don't mind too much.
The school spirit is excellent. The parents and relatives always come out to support the Lobos. Students tend to think that sports is what is really important in life though, not education. Especially the football players.
We do have extracurricular activities, so I cannot complain. But compared to what I have seen with larger, better funded schools, our extracurricular activities pale in comparison.
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All the policies are very reasonable. All the staff is there to help when you need it. Bullying policy is tougher and bully reports have decreased because of it.
There is a good amount of activities. Almost every students will find interest in one of them.
They are very fun. The way they arrange the schedule is by you picking the time for each class. The teachers take there time in showing their students the material with more time do to the small amount of kids in each class.
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