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I like how our school is very hands on and there is a lot of one on one time with the teachers. I would like more opportunity to try new things and different experiences. The staff cares about us and take our education very seriously. They help us work hard to be successful.
I like how our classes are pretty small, it is easier to learn and connect with classmates and teachers. The teachers always offer one on one help and always makes time for us and our needs. They take our education seriously, we've gotten three new teachers over this past year which was a really good thing for us.
Our teachers are amazing, hardworking people. We all have a one-on-one relationship with them. But we don't have the same oppertunities as students in larger schools. For instance, we don't have a soccer team, drama class, art class, no baseball, no wrestling, no home education, not have a word working class. My school does the best in can with the little amount of money we have.
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I have had a great experience while I've had my time here. Teachers are very encouraging and want to help you to get to where they want to be.
Our school is pretty safe. I have rarely ever felt unsafe. Sometimes there is some bulling going on but not very often.
Our lunches are average. The rating of it did drop when Machelle Obamas rules came into the picture. But other than no homemade food and wheat everything it is an average lunch at school
We got a new principal this year and he has changed our school so much he has potential for every student in this school. He wants to see every student happy and getting a great education. Our Guidance counselor is really good he is willing to help out with anything that students need to get into college. Our office staff is amazing she is more like family she is always there for anyone that needs here. Bullying is watched in our school. It is a huge problem if it happens. They will bring a cop into the school to talk to the students every year and also bring the cop back into the school when bullying happens. Dress code is also watched. IF someone is breaking dress code then they will be sent home to change into appropriate clothing. Attendance is really watched we can only miss 10 days a quarter and if you miss anymore you get a letter and sometimes get sent to court. They are hard on students about attendance because they want you at school. Education is really important and that's why they need you here as much as possible.
Our problem out our school is half the kids are playing the sport and half aren't there because they are not into things like that. Some kids don't want to participate but other kids want to be there to support to the fullest. So at this point in our school our school spirit is not very good. This is because we don't have as many kids as other schools in our region.
Teachers here at my school are always willing to help anyone out when they are able to. Most of the teacher here do more helping they they are supposed to. They are all caring about each individual student and really want to watch them succeed in education.
At our school the organizations we mostly have is extra curricular activities like sports. Some years we have things like FFA. Our school is a school of 63 students. There for it is really had to have a veriety of students that would like to participate or start clubs of their own.
This school is amazing! It's a small town school, so everyone knows each other. The kids and teachers are all nice towards each other. I love this school because we're not all strangers with one another, we're like a giant family. I wouldn't want to go to another high school if I had the choice. We all look after one another and that's what makes it so great.
The main sport in this school is basketball. For a small school, I think we have very nice athletic facilities. The gym for basketball and volleyball is very nice, and the baseball field is even nicer. Everything is all up to date and look as fresh as it comes!
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