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The teachers here are great and I truly feel that they have not been given the recognition they deserve. I have found out that all they really want is to be acknowledged for the knowledge and understanding that they love people and they want us to succeed and I thank them for caring about us.
other than career tech courses, there really werent much more interesting classes other than the core ones.
It is a good school and a good opportunity for high school kids to interact with others. administrators is good they are on top of everything. We have a good factuality and staff. Students are ok and we do a lot of group assignments and interacting work.
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My high school experience wasn't how I imaged it to be. It for one taught me how to take life and school more serious. I say that because I spent my first two years here playing around and not really caring. In 11th grade I got my grades and GPA back on track. I understand now that I never had to time play around and slack. Well now I'm a Senior and I've witnessed how fast it went by. I always say now that I wish I can start over. Center Point is a great high school they help you plan for the future.
Erwin High is now called, Center Point High, and i enjoy it here! The school is so beautiful, the teachers care and the students personalities are so diverse! It feels good to be involved in such an exciting an lively school.
The teachers at the school are smart and are willing to help students that need it.
I generally feel safe at the school.
The extracurricular opportunities at the school are fun.
The teachers at the school take an interest in the student's question's and concerns. Some know how to teach. Some teachers are interactive.
There are no issues with the safety of this school what so ever. We may have at least 5 fights a year but that`s it. There are 2 school officers on campus and they will issue a random drug dog sweeps make sure of the safety of the students and staff. We have a highly certified school nurse who makes sure the students are alright and is safe.
We a very few clubs students can join: G.U.M.B.O Club, FCCLA, and SGA. The GUMBO Club are the people who make every school activities run smoothly and they put a lot of time and effort into making these events happen. FCCLA is a club of girls that wan to become leaders in the future and they put in a effort to become great leaders for the school. SGA is a student government association that hosts all of the fundraisers in the school and also the elections in the school. These clubs help students become bright leaders in the future and help them set a good example for the school. Football and basketball games get the most crowd out of all the sports programs which means there is a great amount of school spirit along with our best marching band to hype up the crowd.
I`m in my freshman year of high school now and at first I was nervous to go because is felt like I was going to a new school again. I complete thought different after the first day, the upperclassmen treated me like family and so did the staff. I became friends with a lot of cool seniors and juniors so from that point on we became family. We supported each other through everything (deaths, sports, life situations, etc...) it was a good experience and I really enjoyed it. If i could do it over again after I graduate the answer would be YES because you could not get the same love you get from that school at any other school.
The teachers use life lessons when teaching a lesson. They make sure the students get the best teaching experience there can be and they also help you outside of their classes with anything you need. The teachers make you feel welcomedw hen you walk in the classroom so you wont feel uncomfortable. and you can always talk to them about things that they can possibly help you with.
At centerpoint I feel safe, but I still watch my surroundings, because you never know what's going to happen. I also stay around Poole with good vibes rather than people who are always in trouble inside and outside of school.
Extracurricular activities are great. Our coaches care about the students and they oush them as far aw the need to just so they can get to where they need to be in life.
I chose okay, because my experience hasn't been all that great. I've been attending Erwin/ Centerpoint my entire life and I still feel as if I haven't learned anything that will get me through life. Teachers give up on kids to quick, because of the students who don't care about their education and that's not fair, because it's actually some students who want to prosper in everything that they do. Without the help of an adult such as parent or teacher then you don't really see the need of succeeding, because you will feel as if nobody else cares about your education so why should you take it serious?
I feel as if our teachers don't really care about our education and seeing students succeed or not. Students now a days don't go to school to learn they go to school to pass. That's sad in my opinion, because I would like to have a little more knowledge and prepare myself for college the right way. I would love to be challenged and enhancing my learning, but educations is just gone down the drown in the generation that I live in and I hate it!
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The teachers at my school are knowledgeable but not very nice. Some are willing to help students and do all they can to help them but some of them have really bad attitudes. I feel as at my school the teachers know more of the bad kids rather than the good kids. For most part most of the teachers as fine and teach well but there is a small portion who is not so.
My favorite experience at Erwin High School is being involved with the band and playing for the football game, also going on trips with the band. I believe that the band and how the teacher's are very caring about the student's life decisions is what makes the school unique. If i could do it all over I would because i love being in the band at Erwin High School. Their is no other band like the Erwin High School band.
At Erwin High School each teacher have their own teaching styles to keep the student's engage in the lesson. Most teacher's provide extra help if needed, but they would hope that you get it the first time so they can move on with the lesson. Some teacher's try to reach to the students one by one to make sure they are passing their classes. Their consistency in grading are sometimes late but they always make sure they put grades in sooner or later. So, at Erwin High School i would say the teacher's are overall good at their jobs and helping the student success in life.
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