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Erskine Academy is a great place to learn. From each teacher to each class, each are diverse and challenging. The teachers here are very understanding and help whenever students need.
Ive had some hard times and great times in high school.v but i wouldn't be as hard working and determined as i am today if it wasn't for erskine. Erskine isn't just a school its like a home, a place where everyone knows your name. I feel safe ad accepted everyday and i appreciate all the hard work my administration puts into this place to make it feel sound.
Erskine Academy runs true to its three promised values: scholarship, leadership, and relationships. Erskine Academy is a warm place to prepare for your future through challenging courses, leadership through sports and clubs, and an excellent place to create life long relationships!
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Erskine Academy is a good school on an academic and teaching standard but seems not to care very much about the wellbeing of their students, seeing as kids get expelled over very small things like attendance or missing work but kids who harm/attack other students are usually only suspended for a few days. Their priorities are more on their grade averages then on how their students are personally.
Personally I love Erskine Academy! We have won many awards on count of our leadership, sportsmanship, school spirt and other qualities every school should have. My high school also does an amazing job at preparing us for college, most of the students who graduate already have a lot of college credits. Some are even able to skip there freashman year of college because of it. When looking at the big picture I have absolutely nothing to change about my school!
I really liked being in the art building at Erskine. Most of my time was spent there working on painting or pottery. Some days it could be crazy but it could also be relaxing.
I have had a great experience at Erskine. I struggled with my classes when I first started there, but the teachers were very accommodating and there was academic assistant study halls that were a big help. They have an excellent sports program.I have been involved in soccer, track and lacrosse. They even offer summer sports programs. I found all my coaches to be caring and involved. Erskine has a lot of fun activities through out the year. We have a day of caring, home coming weekend, Mr EA competitions, mystery dinner theater and host a trunk-or- treat, just to name a few.
I live in a town that offers school choice to it's high school age students. I felt four years ago that Erskine was a good fit for me. As I am getting ready to graduate, I still fell like I made the right choice. The only thing I would change about my experience at Erskine is having more of a selection of elective classes for freshman and sophomore class.
Erskine provided a great experience for high school. The teachers would always be there to help me if I needed it, students and adults alike were very friendly, and they were open to growth in clubs and activities so I always had the chance to get involved. They were also extermely helpful when applying to colleges and teaching me important lessons for my future.
Erskine is a unique high school. The teachers at Erskine are probably what makes the school so amazing. They really care about their students and want them to do well.
There are a lot of opportunities to be involved at Erskine Academy. I have participated in athletics and clubs throughout my four years and have enjoyed them all. There are a number of advanced placement and dual enrollment courses offered to help get a feel for college courses while in high school.
I love EA. Teachers are absolutely fantastic and the learning experience is far from anywhere else. I tend to get all my work completed here and am able to comprehend everything taught.
I really love going to erskine, everyone there is just fantastic, the teachers there care about the kids and the work you put in.
The teachers truly care about their students. Succeeding is very easy with the help of the staff at Erskine. It also prepares students for their college courses.
This school is incredibly welcoming and inclusive to anyone who attends. There is always something for everyone here. We have an amazing community within this school. The classes can be difficult at times but they are challenging in the ways that push us forward and make us grow.
Erskine is a great place to go to high school. The teachers are very effective and helpful and are always accommodating when extra help is needed. The classes range in difficulty so you there's something for everyone.
The staff is excellent and I have not met a single teacher who is unwilling to help a student. They help you with everything from tutoring to guidance assistance.
I enrolled at Erskine Academy in the year of 2011.

I was a timid, little freshman girl and wasn't sure where I belonged. However, over the course of the year, I began to blossom and hone my skills.

Throughout the course of my years, I would up taking multiple honors and AP courses.

My senior year, I finished by taking Thomas College Psychology and Kennebec Valley Community College English and Composition, calculus and physics. Both of the college classes I took were acknowledged as actual college credits, and were offered on Erskine's campus, thanks to their talented and well versed teachers.

I graduated with the class of 2015 as a member of the National Honors Society with 9 college credits and am currently enrolled in college for writing.

My story is not uncommon at Erskine Academy, a vast number of their students, and many in my class were as involved and driven as myself.
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Erskine Academy was a wonderful school! I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! I have learn compassion, respect, and many more things from that school. It is a very respectful atmosphere. All students that go there are very lucky to be a part of the wonderful school. The teachers that work there are so excited to see how far the students get. I noticed that 90% of students that attend erskine adjacent actually graduate, that's amazing! I'm so glad I was able to graduate from Erskine Academy. And I hope more and more people attend in the coming years!
Erskine Academy and its staff arw irrespnsible and indifferent toward parents and families of poor and/or minority students. The staff and administration invite no thoughts, opinions or ideas other than their own. This school is rooted in antiquated ideology, archaic gender roles and racial and cultural ignorancdand closed-mindedness.
Great school and faculty. Small size but great learning experience. Lots of activities, sports and chances to get involved. My overall experience at Erskine was amazing. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
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