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Some teachers were better than others, while in some classes I didn't really learn much. For example, when I got to college a lot of kids had read certain book in high-school while I didn't even know what the books were. All in all I loved my high-school though.
My principle is very down to earth and wants what is best for the school and students. We take discipline very seriously in my school, I like that. My school has a positive atmosphere and most of the teachers are great. We have a lot of school pride too.
The topics are very open.
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It is very diverse, because of that I have learned how to deal with many different types of people.
My school recently had a massive fight in which 20 people were arrested, violence is a large issue at my school.
The food is free so the expectations shouldn't be that high.
The Administration policies are not very strong.
The sporting facilities are mostly good.
I have had really good teachers, some not so good teachers, but mainly good ones.
Teaching is like a typical high school.
Due to budget cuts there aren't many classes outside of the state requirements.
This school is like your typical High School
School give you what you put into it.
It's a new principle so it was a difficult year. However, he will be the principle when the two high schools merge next year.
We have somme nice facilities at this school and the other high school has nice facilities as well so we use the interchangeably.
Due to recent budget cuts many clubs and organizations have been cut. Unfortunately this affects student's abilities to get into college since they don't have the opportunity to participate in many extracurricular activities.
The top 20 percent of the school is very good, but besides that, the population is not the best type. The guidance office is great for college searches, as they can focus on the fewer people that will go to college.
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There are plenty of activities, and almost all teachers will stay after school to help with tutoring.
There is a hot lunch, and some bruised fruit, so i would recommend bringing a lunch. There are pre made subs that are okay.. The cleanliness of the cafeteria depends on the people who ate before you
About a quarter of the school is involved with school spirit and athletics.. The weight room is only open if your coach is there. School teams are competitive in the area
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