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My experience at Seaholm was wonderful. They provided me with everything I needed due to my dyslexia, I had an IEP I had support of all my teachers and staff members. I really love Mrs Bach, she did a wonderful job making sure that I succeeded in my classes, school, friendships and in the outside community. She is the go to person if there is a problem at Seaholm that needs to get fixed. Also she is very compassionate, understanding and perseveres through her work also while helping. She puts her students needs before her needs. Seaholm is a great school to go to.
The school has great academics, and most teachers are devoted to seeing the growth of students. About 99% of students graduate, most of them going on to a post-secondary institution.

The students can be...difficult. There is a sense of entitlement and unhealthy academic competition from students. I attribute this mostly to the affluence of the town. Diversity is pretty much a foreign concept, in all manners of the word.

Overall, it could be worse.
This is a supportive environment that has provided challenges and opportunities that have enriched my education.
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Seaholm High School is a decent school. There is a big problem with racism and various micro-aggressions. With many of the kids being non empathetic and privileged, there are quite a few situations where minorities are discriminated against. Other than that, there are a good number of teachers who care about the student's wellbeing, as well as their grades. The Flex Program is a great example of this There is a family atmosphere where you can be open about who you are yet challenge your thinking.
Seaholm was great for both my sister and myself! It has prepared us so well for college and the career world. It was great for both of us, despite our differing personalities. I am happy to say that Seaholm offered all the clubs I'd like to join. It also offered fabulous athletic opportunities for my sister to take part in and for me to watch. Go Mapes!
this school is great. there are programs that offer a different learning style. the teachers are amazing and put in a lot of time with their students. education is very quality. only thing bad is it is not very diverse.
I truly love Seaholm High School. It is an amazing place that has been some of the best four years of my life!
Overall, my experience at Seaholm High School was good. They have a lot of resources accessible to students in order for them to succeed in and after school. The clubs, sports, and other after school activities they offer guarantee for everyone to find something they enjoy. The one thing I would change is more emphasize on art which even though present, compared to sports is extremely overlooked.
Seaholm is is a wonderful school for my daughter. Coming from a small private school, it provides all the experience ravacrivities not available at her previous school.
Very welcoming, great teachers looking to help you succeed. Most teachers will stay later or come early to help if a student is struggling in a class. Overall, great academics and lots of classes that can prepare a student for most anything.
I have had 3 children go through Seaholm. While the diversity is lacking, all other areas are highly rated, particularly the academics and college readiness. There are many opportunities for extracurricular activities as well with dozens of clubs and sports teams.
Seaholm high school is quite frankly, the land of endless opportunities. They provide students with the materials they need to strive and prosper for high school and beyond. They also provide students with hundreds of clubs, classes, and athletics to let students really find who they are and what they love to do. If I personally would want to change one thing about Seaholm, it would have to be the lack of diversity. I am 100% Albanian and have been raised in an Muslim household. Both those things are quite taboo at Seaholm because the general population is white and once you mention to them what ethnicity you are, things get weird and they do not know how to react.
Seaholm was a choice for me since my middle school was supposed to feed into the sister school of Groves. This decision I do not regret in the slightest due to the amount of care the faculty takes in ensuring that all students achieve their best in the school. In addition to the amazing staff and high difficulty of classes the student body dynamic has allowed me to make many potential lifetime friends without risk of mistreatment or bullies. Overall Seaholm high school was a good decision.
Education level was incredible. Very competitive, but in a way that prepares you for college. Most of the teachers were very willing to help you learn and understand the material and genuinely cared about your educational experience.
Overall my experience here has been amazing. While it is a competitive atmosphere with some elitist personalities, the quality of education I have received has been phenomenal. I would highly suggest taking AP classes as you learn about the subjects being taught but also overcoming challenges and time management as well as a love for learning. I also highly suggest the Girls Basketball team as I have learned confidence, and how to grow from failure and met and an amazing group of girls who will be my family long past graduation.
My school had an amazing security guard who was extremely protective and friendly. He made the students feel very safe and was very nice to all of us. The school is very good with protecting the students as they make us call the school through the intercom and show the office our IDs through the cameras. This is the only way to get inside of the building. The visitors have to check in with the office and sign in, and the staff is very good with safety drills. I believe that my school was very safe, but the only downside that the students experienced was that we didn't have a school nurse.
I participated in my school's orchestra and cheerleading team. I met some of my best friends here, and had a blast. The teachers/coaches in all of the extracurriculars are extremely friendly and easy to talk to, and make the students feel safe and comfortable. My school had a wide variety of clubs and sports teams to be a part of, and never discriminates students.
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My high school experience was incredible. I met some of my best friends here, and the student body is filled with school spirit. My favorite moments throughout high school were the weekly football games. Our entire school would come up into the stands, cheer each other on, and have the greatest time. I believe that this school was unique in it's own way for the amount of encouragement and enthusiasm everyone brings for each other. I would definitely choose this school if I had the choice to because of the amazing opportunities they bring, and the welcoming support they give to the students.
The teachers at the high school that I attended were all over the place. Some teachers were fantastic, while others were lacking. I was lucky enough to have some of the best teachers who mentored me into becoming the person I am today, but was unfortunate to have the complete opposite experience. It was clear that most of the teachers cared for their students, and wanted to see them succeed, but many failed to give the students an appealing lesson, that ended up boring us to tears. To add onto that, the teachers were very inconsistent with their grading methods, as some teachers used PowerSchool, and others didn't. In addition, many of the English teachers took forever to grade homework, and usually put in all of the assignments from the entire trimester into PowerSchool at the end of the trimester. In conclusion, I had some of the best mentors throughout my high school experience, though there were a few that were less than pleasing.
There are numerous clubs available, and students are always coming up with new ones. Commitment to these clubs is generally higher in clubs that people think would like nice on college applications, i.e volunteer clubs and NHS. There are a wide variety of sports, which is nice.
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