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Ernest S. McBride Senior High School Reviews

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Both the students and teachers at McBride are very friendly. They push you to do better and be a better person than the day before, in both an academic and personal way.
I am a graduate of this school, it is a very good school for accademics and values without. Although some staff and comitties was not good at their proffession others made up for it. This can be found within many schools so im not shocked.
McBride high is a three way pathways with health and medical, criminal justice and engineering. Our school gets us ready to be independent and college ready, so we can use our skills we learn here to our college life or personal life. We are a small school of only 500 or so students. We treat each other with kindness and a big family. You will feel at home right when you set foot into McBrides campus.
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Coming from a large middle school (Hughes), McBride was a bit of a culture shock. Also, coming in during only their second year being open, things were kind of crazy. Now, as a senior, everything has calmed quite a bit. Go here if you like small schools, if you like one-on-one direction. The English department, if you stick with APs and such, is absolutely amazing. ((Shout-out to Mr. E- the best teacher I have ever had)). This is a hard school- so keep that in mind, know that you will take APs, know that the teachers actually care and will work with you- and you will be fine.
There are many opportunities that a student can engage in whether it be in the health and medical field, engineering field, or the criminal justice sector. We are very carrer orientated and have lots of engaging classes as well as lots of opportunities for student involvement.
I enjoyed my experience at McBride High School. Attending this school has afforded me opportunities that I wouldn't have had access to, if I had attended a different school. While the school lacks in sports, the support services and school culture make up for it.
Ernest McBride HighSchool was an enjoyable experience. From the helpfulness and sincerity of the staff and teachers to the fantastic educational equipment provided to students. This school is among the small category of institutions that care for and try there best to accommodate to every student. The dedication set forth by the faculty set a standard for how the students learned, creating a stronger bond between the students and their learning experience. I'm so grateful to have been apart of such a beautiful learning community during my short four years attending, but I can state that I wouldn't have changed it for the world.
The school is only 4 years old. It offers 3 pathways; Engineering, Health and medical, Criminal Justice. The choices for honors and AP classes is great. The staff is excellent, a great school for academics. They have great clubs to join in, sports were introduced last year and hopefully in the near future they can offer a music program as well.
I like that the school has a small student population which makes it a closer learning experience. This helps each individual learn and create a relationship with their teachers. Something that can change is the school spirit, the school is based on academics and many students would like sports and events that typical high schools have.
I was apart of the first graduating class and ALOT was promised, unfortunately, most didn't happen. It is definitely an academically based school, no CIF sports which also means very little school spirit. Teachers give that welcoming sense and the school has the family-like community.
Fairly new school; going into its fifth year. 2017 had its first graduating class. The school is based on three pathways (Health Medical, Engineering & Criminal Justice). As a high school student, you are afforded the opportunity to take college-level courses geared towards your major while completing your High School Graduation requirements.
With the exception of clubs and a few intramural sports, there are no other extra curriculum activities (I.e. Dance, Music. Band, Water Sports, etc.) It is highly recommended that you consider getting involved in a sport or activity in your spare time.
On a brighter note, the school is quite small with a friendly and inviting atmosphere. Beautiful campus located in a nice area.
there are very dedicated students and a very well rounded curriculum. if there is anything that i would change itd be having more school spirit but thats something that comes from the students not the school.
I like that McBride has the 3 pathways, that definitely makes it interesting. I love that it gives you an advantage. It puts you ahead of the other students that are entering college and learning the same things that we already know now in high school.
I would like to see change in treatment of students by certain teachers, money for each graduating class, and more field trips.
Mcbride High School is a very excellent school for kids who want to challenge themselves in academics and put themselves out into the community. It's very safe and clean and the atmosphere is just great.
I was only recently enrolled in this school for my sophomore year. At first, I was intimidated by the tall buildings with high ceilings and everyone within its gates. It was a new environment and I went in feeling diffident. Nevertheless, after walking into my first class, I was welcomed by my teacher who was kind enough to give me an insight on the what course would be like. He also explained to me what was called the "McBride Way", where each student is expected to show Maturity, Bravery, Humanity, and act Scholarly.
Other students were also very friendly and approachable, and willing to help me find all of my classes. Since McBride is a small school, i was easily able to associate myself with my classmates within the first two weeks.
McBride is a really good school. Since it is very new it is stocked with the latest technology to help their students learn. This includes a flat screen T.V. in every room equipped with audio, and plug ins so that the students can plug in their complimentary I-pads provided by the school. It's small size gives a nice close knit community feel and the whole school has a college aura to it.
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my experience at McBride high school has been a great one so far. the pathways really help everyone focus and stay on track with your future career. each pathway makes you take core classes plus career classes. for my pathway engineering we take principles of engineering, introduction to design, and digital electronics. these classes give all of us a hands on experience with our future potential pathways. we also are very focused, each students know what they're striving for and always try they're best. students at McBride are so welcoming and diverse. no one discriminates you for you preferences and liking.
McBride High School offers a different approach to SLC's. We have pathways, designed to guide you on a path into a career of either Engineering, Health and Medical, or Criminal Justice Investigation. Our curriculum is rich and our campus is very modern. Furthermore, we also are a smaller school, in which everyone pretty much knows everyone. Because of this, you're able to have close connections with peers and teachers alike. One thing that might not be for everyone is that at this point in time, we have no sports teams like the other high schools in the district. But this all goes back to our school being focused on education and supporting the students to pursue a distinguished career of their choosing.
they really help me out if i need extra help and they really care about me
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