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My experience at Righetti was definitely on the negative side. The only real positive was I felt that there were a lot of college resources with the career/college center open all 5 days a week and they defintely were a big help with the applications. My main problem is the school security is a real pain; there is a real big problem with drugs and fights and the kids that are good students are treated terribly by security . Even if you leave to the bathroom you will always be questioned of why you are out of class. I wished that the good students were given a more freedom. Lastly, the school lacks the High school experience most kids are just there are don’t care for their school. A lot of kids will just ditch the rally.I just can’t recommmend this school to anyone.
I went to righetti for about a year before transferring out. I honestly can’t say one positive thing about Righett. Most of the students that are here don’t like their school; there at most a handful of students who really care for their school. I felt that the teachers were very set in their own ways and are not at all lenient when it comes to absent work. I felt that I had to self- study for all my classes. The school felt like a prision with the gates and the students literally have no freedom. In General, I feel that Righetti might be ok if you are just looking to graduate and are not into the high school experience. However, for everyone else I feel that you are better off going to OA or St. Joes.
The teachers genuinely cared about the students but only if you were in an advanced class or on an athletic team.
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The school is safe if one happens to find friends in the good crowd. However, there is a lot of gang-related violence and drugs that are going on at the school that the school fails to prevent.
There are many fights on campus. There is also a very big campus. Campus security is great very nice men and women.
I love this school, it's a really nice place for students to attend school. We have a diversity in students which is really nice. The staff on campus are all friendly and nice. It may be a little wild at times, but there's no harm meant to be done. Our school clubs and activities are opened to everyone of all grades which is really nice as well.
The school is coming out to look very good with the new building. I think there should be a change in the food because it gets tiring eating the same thing each week. Our sports teams are very good and i think they represent us very well, I like that when we go out to games the students who attend are always cheering and showing school spirit.
I am a sophomore and honestly regret going here. The school is way too over crowded. Education is average at best. Many students are just there and don’t care for their school or their future. Administration is no control over their students. Drugs , gangs and fights are very common and the students inovolved if they get caught are never condoned. There have been lots of lockdowns over the years. Overall, I do think Righetti is better than other Santa Maria schools. I recommend that you either go across the street to St. Joes or move out of Santa Maria.
My experience at Righetti high was definitely memorable. The teachers overall are amazing at what they do. The school really has school spirit while I was there and proudly participated in everything I could. I will always love this school.
Most of the teacher are very invested in their students. Many are willing to cooperate with you to ensure you have the best learning experience possible. There isn’t anyone at the school that is truly lonely. There will always be a club or friend group that you can join.
I would like the counselors to take a more receptive take on meeting with students and allowing students to have more opportunities to meet with counselors. There is too much restriction on when and how students can meet with counselors, and more often than not the counselors take too much time in answering questions, and administration is too strict with students. I believe that students who aim to succeed need a chance to get help from their counselors and other guidance, but admin seems to say "no" more than anything else. AP students are also restricted from taking classes at Hancock and even if they want to challenge themselves, I feel that they are crippled from doing so.
I liked all the sports and academics. The Advanced Placement courses were amazing and the teachers are always willing to put extra time on students if they need. Many times, teachers made after school study workshops to help students understand the material before a test. I wish the school would change the lunch menu every other week.
I liked the broad variety of clubs, classes, and sports at Righetti, but I'd like to see more security hired
Righetti is a very large campus, which means there is a lot to get involved in. There are clubs meeting every day as well as sports all year. Many of our sports teams make it into the CIF Championship. The school has excellent programs for college readiness as well as councilors who help with college admissions and scholarships. The school offers a wide variety of course including art, music production, and welding. the campus is beautiful. What I was like to see more of is dual enrollment courses. They help students gain college credits before graduation high school. The campus has no recycling, only trash cans.
Very diverse school and offer many A.P. classes. They have a relatively good sports program for all their sports such as football and baseball. They have many clubs for the students and they are able to start up their own clubs.
Honestly at first I didn't want to attend this school, but I already in the middle of freshman year started to love it! Already so fast I made a lot of friends and everyone is so nice and helpful. Quality is overall good to me and I love all the teachers I was taught by. One change I feel they need is more effort with school dances, school events, clubs and clean up of the school with paint and in class technology. Technology is mass producing in this world and I think Righetti should get on the technology spectrum or provide technology classes.
Righetti is a good school. The teachers are great and really care about their students. I always feel like they want me to learn and will help me if I ask in any way they can. There are really great resources at the school, like the College and Career Center which I visit often. Also, the school counselor our class has is great. I visit the counselor a lot as well to get advice related to high school or future plans for college. There are a lot of programs to help students succeed at Righetti. They have EAOP which is Early Academic Outreach Program. There is AVID or Advancement Via Individual Determination. These are just some programs they have for helping students prepare to go to college. Also, a lot of AP classes are offered for students who like to challenge themselves. A good variety of health classes are provided. Independent Living and Health helped me prepare and learn about taking care of myself when I'm living independently.
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Ernest Righetti High School provided me with the opportunity to play soccer at a competitive level with my friends, while obtaining a good education. My path was through a more non-convention home school program that the school offers, and for me, it was perfect.
I liked the teachers and their passion for teaching. What I would change is make it bigger. There's many students, but not much room for all of them!!
Ernest Righetti High School was over a pleasant place to get a head start on what the real world will be like. Culture was very diverse which gave a insight as to different types of individuals young students will encounter in their adult lives. My biggest critique would have to be the education and the amount of engagement faculty put into each student. It is important to understand that Righetti is a fairly large school with plenty of students coming from different backgrounds, however I feel as if this is not an excuse to allow equal access for all students. For instance, student who had parents who graduated from a four year university were not allowed to join AVID which helps students enter their college years.
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