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Ernest Everett Just Middle School Reviews

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Ernest Just used to be a normal middle school. But now the students have gone mad. Students show no respect from adults. More than half of the students aphave a low income and do not take advantage of their FREE education. The outside of the building may seem decent. But the people lurking in that school are ready to fight! Fighting, fighting, fighting! Some students only came to school to watch fights and get attention. There have been a minimum of 27 fights in this school in a year. Teachers and staff try to suspend bad students for some time. But the students just come back looking for more. Some students skip class and hide out in the filthy bathroom. At least once a week a toilet is flooded. Students play and do to much. If you want to offer your child a safe education, do not let your cold attend this school. Unless you want the poor influences and bad culture of this school to effect your child's learning.
When i was attending ernest it was wild but the teachers helped a lot. There was plenty of drama at the school but the administration always had everything under control. Overall its a good school.
The school was decent overall, but I feel like I would have GREATLY disliked it if it weren't for the fact that my friends from elementary school were there. Nothing about it was great to me.
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This school was an overall great experience, one thing I would change would be the administration. I would do it again jst because the fun experience I had as a student.
This school could use some work
School was a top choice for most student who got special permission to attend
food was good at times and somethimes not so good
The principal was very nice and strict
I had special permission to attend this school and I was glad i was given the opportunity to be apart of Ernest Just and the activities there.
We had a pretty good field for our outside sports
The teachers where always available before and after school to give additional help to the student. I was one of them, I needed extra help in math and my math teacher made herself available.
At that time we were all finding and still finding ourselves and where we fit in at.
I played soccer while at Ernest Just and I enjoyed the team and the coach. The parents where very active and supportive.
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