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What I truly love about Duncan is the CNA program. This program teaches students how to become nurses and allows students to test to become a CNA upon the completion of the course. I love the advance placement classes and the staff they have. The way the teachers connect with the students is amazing to see. I would like to see the school advance more in the sports they offer and also in expanding the school. I would like the school to grow with new buildings and update the technology. This school has done a great job of preparing students for college readiness and establishing professionalism. This school offers classes like no other and it makes sure all of the students feel comfortable talking to staff.
My experience was not the best . It is very stressful and the classes seem to be more full of stress than ever before. I would like to see more ways for people to be involved, staff understanding that students have other things to do rather than school, and also more things to do the facilities are very low quality it is extremely small.
It is an amazing campus with amazing opportunities. The preparation for college and careers are amazing. No other high school is like ours. The teacher really are eager to help students strive.
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My experience at Duncan Polytechnical is wonderful. I am currently in the Mash Academy also known as the academy for nursing and physical therapy. I have had many hands on experiences. And am currently recieveing certifications. For example, the CPR certification and other different certifications. Meanwhile, something I Would like to change is the school menu, which os quiet repetitive, boring, and simple.
Duncan Polytechnical I believe is the school for creating your pathway into the world of nursing as you can certify in becoming a CNA at the end of your senior year, benefiting so many students, in the long run, to begin their education/ career in medicine. It is very beneficial to students and prepare us for the workforce after high school or even continuing to go to college. Overall, Duncan has helped me with my people, communication, teamwork skills and creating a good work ethic.
More sports and clubs would good for the school. Along with more activities and for the rally’s to be more entertaining/ motivating. The teachers are really good and hard working.
Very passionate when it came to school spirit and always ready to try new things. When students wanted sports teams they started a mini league with all the other schools who didn't have sports teams. Teachers will not let you complain about other teachers in their presences even if you have legitimate objections. They claim this is because it's rude, but I suspect it's just because it be unprofessional for them to join in.
Erma Duncan starting Freshman year gets you ready for college, and prepares you for job interviews so once you graduate you walk away with the knowledge of being ready for the world. From freshman year to senior year, you make a portfolio where it has your resume and cover letter, as well as achievements. This is used because many workers in the community come and interviews to give us a feel on how the real world is.
My experience at Duncan is going very good. The school is well prepared for teaching kids how to be college ready. I am currently enrolled in the MASH academy, looking forward to attend the occupational therapy class my junior and senior year. The students are all connected as one. The teachers have all the resources you would need to come to school and be ready to get your education. One thing I would like to see change, is parent involvement. I believe some or most parents should be involved with the school because overall they are preparing all of us for college and to have a big future.
This high school will teach you things that you never thought of or knew. It also helps you prepare for your future.
Probably one of the best years of my education both academically and socially. Most of my teachers really good and the classes were challenging but put us to the test. It’s a small school which helps students and staff get to know each other well.
Very Great school. The staff try to include parents into everything and keep them informed. The school itself focuses on the pathways they have. To this point, we have nursing, Rehabilitation Therapy, Automotive, Construction, and a CNA program. In addition, duncan provides work wear ro every student, which they wear every Wednesday to school, depending on what program they are in. (Scrubs, or Automotive dress shirts) In conclusion, since Duncan is small, almost every student know each other.
Communist like but the teachers are good and bad. It forces a full 7 periods with no open periods. Theres not enough electives to fulfill a student desire for 7 period.
My experience at Duncan Poly is amazing. The people there are so kind, mostly everybody is school spirited. The school is a Career pathway so when you graduate your graduate with a certification in a career ready for you. For example, there's the Medical pathway. You can graduate with either a CNA certification or a physical therapy certification. The other pathway is the IData which includes robotics, construction, auto, welding, technology, etc. Its a great school that cares about your future and prepares you for your ongoing careers.
At Duncan there is good teachers that take their time to teach the students. They have good attitude towards the students at duncan polytechnical high school.
I have been attending Duncan Polytechnical for a year and a half and it's been fantastic. There are unique experiences and opportunities to Duncan that you can't find at most high schools; it's a magnet school. The teachers really do care and students are put to a higher academic standard than other students, and we have invaluable hands-on experience in our CTE classes abd job sites. There's an option for everyone. The only shortcoming is that there's no sports (you do them at your home high school) or elective choices outside your pathway class.
Great school overall not the full high school experience but really great in the academic criteria. I enjoyed how small it was. And how everyone basically knew each other. Calm school fights were rare.
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What I like about Erma Duncan Polytechnical High School is the fact that it a small high school which makes me feel so comfortable there. Everyone basically knows each other at Duncan and the environment is great with the majority of the people who attend Duncan are very respectful and friendly. Also the educational requirements are set very high. What I would like to see changed at Duncan is that they should have more interesting clubs and school activities since Duncan doesn't have sports.
I've had a memorable experience at Duncan Polytechnical High School. Although it isn't a school with sports and theatrical arts, it's a school that opens your eyes to see the real world. I'm personally enrolled in the Medical Pathway and it has taught me how to work in the medical environment by allowing us to work at facilities where you perform medical skills. Duncan is an excellent high school where students graduate and fit right into the real world due to the real work experience during junior and senior year. Something that I would like Duncan to have would be a music and theater class. The reason is because I personally would've liked to participate in a choir and plays. Those are areas where I would want to develop some of my other talents.
my experience at Duncan Poly was amazing because there were wonderful teacher that will go out of their way to meet the students needs.
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