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Teachers really care about you as an individual and will go out of their way to help you succeed. I was definitely ready for college after going to Erie. Some of my classes at Erie were actually more difficult than college classes, but they gave me the tools to handle anything.
Great student to teacher ratio. Caring staff and administration that makes sure students are prepared for college.
What I have loved most about EHS is the connections you build with the faculty. Having around 200 students means you know everyone by name and they know you too. While this can go good or bad, it has been great. I have a special bond with each faculty member and I will forever be thankful for getting to know them and being able to show them the true me. Although I am thankful for our technology, updated building and staff, sometimes I feel as though our faculty doesn’t know how to handle the day-tp-day teasing and bullying that occurs. I dont know if they have been told to not say anything or just dont know how to handle it, I am curious as to why they do what they do, or dont do. My teachers, counselors, front office ladies and administrators have been nothing but good to be my four years at EHS. While not agreeing with or liking absolutely everything, I couldnt imagine spending so much time and dedicating myself to any other high school.
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When I attended Erie High School, there wasn't a whole lot to do. We were trying to find a new Guidance Counselor, sports were somewhat involved (facilities could have been open more for students to practice), and the academics were average. I hope that the academics become more interactive and there are options for advanced classes in the future, and I hope that there are facilities available for use so students who are involved in sports can practice as much as they want.
I enjoyed Erie a lot it was one of those towns where everyone knows everyone. I was easy to get along with everyone and also someone to hang out with. It was a great experience to go to Erie High school but you have to love small town living. I wish it was slightly bigger so I didn't get caught in my mischief all the time. But all in all I wouldn't trade growing up in Erie with all the friends I made for nothing.
For the couple of bomb threats that we had when I was in school, the safety systems worked great. They got everyone to the safe spot and notified everyone's parents so they weren't panicking as much.
The club at Erie High School are fun and organized; they do community service projects every semester and everyone in the club gets a say in what they project should be.
Erie is more technologically advanced than most of the schools around us, so it gives kids a chance to learn about programs that will give them a leg-up on the competition later in life.
My chemistry teacher was the best! He really got everyone ready for the real world by teaching it like a college course. The other teachers were great too, they would help you outside of class if you had questions and they did with a smile on their face because they care about you getting through their class.
There are a variety of extracurricular things to do
I love my school, everyone that goes there is just part of one big family.
Overall the teachers are engaged with students and helpful
The most popular extracurriculars at Erie would probably be sports. It seemed like almost everyone in my graduating class was involved with a sport and if they weren't then they were most likely involved with band or choir which also took part in sporting events.
Some teachers you could tell they genially care for the well-being of the students and tried to help out anyway they could. Other teachers I felt like they just did the minimum and only helped when it was convenient to them.
Growing up in this small town and only graduating with 40 other people definitely made it difficult to move on and choose a college. Since I did go to a small high school it definitely influenced the college that I chose to go to. I chose to attend Carl Sandburg College because it seemed like just the right size for me. I knew I wasn't ready to attend a big university and I was perfectly happy with my decision. Erie High did help me prepare a little bit for the future and the college life. On the other hand I didn't really feel like it prepared me for the "real world."
I had a great experience at this school mainly because of how friendly and supporting all the people are.
For a small school, they do a very good job offering a variety of different level courses. There are the regular classes, along with weighted or honors classes, and then they also bring a professor from a neighboring college to teach classes that can count both for college and high school credit.
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Students here are very involved throughout both the school and the community.
School hot lunches aren't always the greatest, but there are some really good meals that students look forward to. If you don't like the hot lunch there are always alternatives such as bread bowl, pizza hut pizza, salad bar, etc.
Students are very safe at this school and bullying has never really been an issue. When some sort of bullying does occur immediate action is taken my the staff. We don't have as much security as larger schools dod, but it is not needed in our small town where everyone knows everyone else.
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