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Erie High School is an amazing school. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a school to go to. It is a very welcoming community, strong in academics, and has a lot of diversity in clubs and acrivities. I have had a great experience at Erie.
I like the extracurricular classes offered by the school. Career Development Center was an extremely beneficial program and allowed me to get a jump start on my career.
I began attending Erie my junior year and I have no complaints. My first day, everyone was so inviting and had such a friendly face. People that have attended there for a while complain here and there however coming from a school in the same district, it was a huge change for the better. The teachers are very accommodating and they are very focused on academics and college prep. The office staff and whole administration team are all very good with their jobs and tend to your every need.
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Good community with engaging teachers. I would say that the only downside is that some classes aren’t challenging for students moving from a charter school experience.
I mean, it's a pretty good school. I like it, and it's challenging enough without killing students. Some teaches should be harder than they actually are, but most teachers are great.
Overall my High School experience wasn't bad. It had its ups and downs like any high school career. However, I don't believe this school prepared me for life in any way. The classes are easy and allowed me to have an excellent GPA for college applications, but did not prepare me for my freshman year of college at all.
The school is definitely in need of more diversity, as a minority student here I never found a place where I felt I completely fit in, however, the counsellors and principal here are very good and since the school is on the smaller side, they can be very involved in your wellbeing and academcs if you choose to let them.
Realy small and a lot of students everyday,classes are small and sometimes we borrow tables from different classrooms.
My experience at Erie High School has been good, but I would love to see less focus on sports and more focus on music and the arts. There are nice people there, but I haven’t been impressed with the overall atmosphere at the school, with several teachers being obviously politically biased, students disrespectful during the Pledge of Allegiance, and a lack of connection between students and teachers.
I love my high school. The kids are all great and very welcoming. The teachers are all amazing and they really want you to succeed no matter how much of their time you take up. They really want to make sure you are ready for college so they give out pre-SATs once a semester. They also have an advisory period that you can ask questions from a teacher, to help you get ready for life outside of high school. The classes offered at Erie are really cool and something that you wouldn't find anywhere else. There are a bunch of different clubs and activity's you can sign up for. If you want to make a club you can go ahead and do that there is always someone that will help you find people to join it.
I like Erie's academic programs and great teachers. I would like it if there was more communication about things like clubs and events. I don't like the new advisory program because it hasn't really helped me and just creates more things to worry about.
I have overall really enjoyed my teachers and classes all four years at Erie. My only problem with it is that there is quite a bit of bullying, and no one really says or does anything to combat that issue.
We don't have a lot of diversity. However, I really love the atmosphere, there are so many ways to get involved, and my experience has been absolutely fantastic.
Erie highschool it’s a very nice school in a very nice area with great academics and a very good sports program and culture
The school had a very safe environment, making it easy and fun to learn and grow as a young adult. The majority of the teachers were fantastic to work with and were very well suited for their positions. The athletic department was run very well by each coach and the athletic director. There were also many resources and connections at the school's disposal which they used to benefit the students and prepare them for college. There were very few shortcomings of the high school. The school did have a pretty significant lack of clubs.
Erie High School is an amazing school that focuses on no bullying and its academics very well. The sports program is really good and the students there are really nice and friendly.
Was an ok experience there, not the best school ever. A few of the teachers are very open with students and some are very pessimistic and see teaching only as a job. The student body went from a lot of diversity and supportive to very two faced and lazy over the years.
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Erie High School was originally East High School and it was a very interesting school. The teachers were very helpful and it was very diverse with students coming from different countries.
There were wonderful teachers who made the experience fun and engaging, but there were also those in the faculty who never seemed to care. When I attended school the counselors were overworked and did not pay as much attention to the student population as they should have been able to. I learned a lot and enjoyed my time there, and I definitely couldn't wait to get out into the real world.
I have been to three high schools in four years. But Erie was my home. Erie was the place where I found a safe shoulder to cry on, someone to lean on when times got tough and a whole staff that supported my dreams. Erie was incredible in everything they do, between the balance that they gave me to the caring spirit of the staff that makes you feel so. comfortable. Anyone who is looking for a safe environment should go to Erie.
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