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It is an amazing school with college leveled arts courses. The academics are normal high school leveled classes, with AP and Honors (and additional college now classes) available. I would not be anywhere near as an amazing actress as I am now without this school and staff. My drama teachers are so friendly and it's truly a great family.
I like everything about this school and the fact that it is a christian school makes it even more interesting. I love the atmosphere of the school, everyone gets along, there's so many activities and dances that you can choice from. We perform to the audience on different holidays...I would not change anything at this school...I love going to this school, I'm going to miss EFCA, when I graduate.
I love my high school, EFCA, because of all the talented students and teachers who make this school an exceptional place to study the arts. I am currently a dance major and my dance teachers are incredible; they expect the best from their students and always make sure that they achieve their highest potential. Additionally, the shows featured at my school are wonderfully acted and performed - the singing, dancing, acting and instrumental performances are top-notch, and, dare I say, can rival any school anytime!
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What I've loved the most about this school is the people I've met through clubs. If it weren't for clubs and especially international week, I wouldn't have made so many friends of different ages with similar interests. What makes this school unique is the love and spirit that students have at this school. Before attending, I've heard of only good news from this school, so I was satisfied when I learned I was attending this school instead of the other one I live nearby. If I could go to high school again, I would because of all the new friends I've made and the newly achieved confidence I've gained from the help of many teachers.
I enjoy the friendly environment that Erie First Academy gives off. Most teachers are genuinely helpful in ensuring the success of all students. Whenever students need a place to study the library is always opened with resources and after school tutors. EFCA truly excels in their sports and club activities with the support from spirited Argonauts. With our large and diverse population, I believe that the school doesn't provide students with enough lunch tables and bathroom access. Other than that, Erie First is a lively facility that provides a wide selection to express our interests
The overall atmosphere is social and accepting as the students respect one another. The administration at the school can be reflected upon the students, since students are supported in following their college path and are always told that the door is open if they need assistance. Despite the academic portion being of high quality out of the district, the school has issues here and there. The facilities are sometimes out of order and aren't repaired, this leaves them to be filthy at times.
I enjoy the intellectual atmosphere at this school. It is definitely the school for nerds. I like how I can just randomly strike up debate with random people about intellectual things. People are free to be themselves and can dress as weirdly or as chic as they want, within reason. Although every school has people who don't think sometimes, most of the people in the school are very friendly and open to others. Although racial diversity is not present and everyone is nerdy, there are still your different types and the social atmosphere is very good. Bullying is almost nonexistent.
The teachers at this school are all hardworking and knowledgeable in their fields. Every teacher has a certain teaching style, whether they put notes on a board or on a screen, give lectures, or make students engage in group activities. All teachers want their students to do well; there's no doubt about that. This is why students ask questions in class so that teachers can answer them. There are times when there is a lack of class participation, so the teacher encourages everyone to at least share their ideas at least once. Also, tutoring is available after school on certain days. In terms of grading, some teachers are fair while others a bit harsh, but they have good judgment on how much effort we put into our work, essays, projects, and tests.
It was an absolutely fantastic experience. You get to meet all these brilliant people, who work hard and put their lives on the line to achieve what they do. It can get demanding sometimes, but it's up to the students to make of it what they will: you can make it hard for yourself, or you can enjoy your time there. I may not have had the most amazing grades, but I certainly enjoyed my time there. I will live to adore the school.
Overall good experience at the school. The teachers were great and each one wanted to see their students succeed not just in their present classes but also in the future. In athletics the school could compete very well but was never a stand out athletics school. I wish that they would of prepared students more for the future in college and in life during their time at school. Everyone wanted students to succeed later in life and see them go off to college but the preparation wasn't there as much as it could have been.
Erie First has given me a pretty good experience for my high school career. I have been involved in many different activities as a student, and each has been fun to participate in and very enjoyable. The drama department is incredible, and has many resources. The sports here are welcoming and the coaches are great. There are always a need for improvement in different areas, but there is that in every school. Overall I am glad I went to this school.
The experience I have had at the Erie First Christian Academy has been awesome. By having the opportunity to attend this school I have had a college prepared experience and I will be able to adapt without any issues once I go off to college. I have gained a lot of insight on diversity as well by interacting with various students of different ethnicity throughout my high school years. The teachers have ensured I have the appropriate tools to be successful for college readiness. The security is superb, I feel extremely safe when I'm at school due to the fact that if anyone tries to enter the campus they must present their identification at all three lots.
My experience here in Erie First Christian Academy has been irreplaceable. I've learned so much about the world we live in just by attending. The school’s administration is great and it takes even the slightest challenges very seriously which is why there are zero cases of bullying. The clubs are very active and given the right attention any student can get very far through the clubs. The parental involvement is great and the parents are informed whenever there are any challenges with their kids. The school simply Rocks!
Erie First Christian Academy prepares students very well for college, and also makes sure to update students about opportunities like scholarships frequently. EFCA is also a fairly competitive school, though like all schools, there are high and low achievers. All the teachers are nice and genuinely want to help the students; they make you feel comfortable. The workload isn’t heavy if you have good time management, and more often than not, I find myself with a fair amount of time for myself. School facilities like the library are useful, and the guidance counselors are all friendly and open. I would late this school five star any day!
I absolutely love Erie First and I am glad that my son is schooling there. It took him a little bit of time to adjust to the schedule at first, but it really teaches him how to actually study and manage his time which most students don't get the hang of until they are in college. In most of the classes, he does almost double the work that many community college students are doing, showing the true excellence of the teachers and programs at the school. The students and the teachers in this school are very welcoming and I like the fact that the school has a great parental involvement strategy. The school is very competitive and everyone has to work hard to keep up with others which mostly helped my son because he has been improving his grades ever since he enrolled there.
Erie First although I only knew little about it at the time, was one of the best things to ever happen to me. It was the perfect place to mature into a young adult and make lifelong friendships along the way. Although the academics are challenging and it’s very easy to fall behind, this school does a great job at preparing its students for college. Every teacher I had in the school truly cared about the students and wanted them to be successful. Erie First is a great school that helps kids grow into young adults, develop incredible study habits and a solid work ethic, and create friendships that will last a lifetime. I am proud to be an alumni of this school.
Erie First is a wonderful school that is not only amazing with the academics it teachers, but also focuses on creating a great environment for the students that are attending the school. The staff members work together to hold events for the students like the bonding activities that allow each student to share their stories in a safe environment. Students can participate in programs such as performing arts, academic clubs, and others which will further strengthen their connection with other students and the school as a whole. The diversity here is great and you get to meet with many new people from different backgrounds and once you share experiences, the social skills sharpen. I simply love this school!!
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We love the administration and guidance department at Erie First Christian Academy. We have another child in a different school in the same county so it’s impossible not to compare the two. EFCA is heads and shoulders above the other HS in every single area. The principal runs a tight ship, cares about the students and is continually striving to improve the school in ways that will benefit the kids.
Erie First Christian Academy is no doubt a beautiful building and I have been provided with an excellent education and a close group of friends. I have never been bullied (although some students have dealt with this issue though very few cases) and the campus is well-maintained (security-wise and aesthetically-wise). The dances are very pleasurable (except for the snacks) and are events that I always look forward to with my friends, Additionally, 'spirit' weeks provide further student involvement and creativity. Generally, the teachers are very competent in the subject they teach and provide further assistance if a student requires.
My experience at this school has given me an amazing feeling. I've grown in it learning about many countries, races, and educations. The staff and students are all willing and giving to one another through sports, clubs, organizations, and even groups of friends. What makes this School unique is it's wide diverse student group. There are foreign exchange students annually, new students that have just moved from other countries to America, and students just learning to speak English. EFCA School is and International Baccalaureate high school and the school offers well maintained classes with teachers who are willing to help with anything whether it be educational or mentally.
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