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Erie First Christian Academy has an amazing fine arts program across the board. I have interacted with a majority of the fine arts faculty and they are amazing people who do their best to pass their knowledge onto their students. We have won many awards to prove our worth in many programs that there are simply too many to list. Finally, I cannot stress how amazing the resources are. As someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, the school has done so much to ensure that I succeed in a school environment. They really do their best to make sure every student can succeed in their school as well as beyond
I loved my time at Erie First Academy, and the academics were crushingly competitive and rigorous, in part due to such large class sizes and a record of academic excellence to maintain. Well, I suppose I can start off with the amazing faculty. The faculty is so diverse and full of people who want to see their students succeed. Although there are some exceptions, I have had good experiences with teachers and faculty across the board. There is an equal treatment of every student and I am very proud of the school for that!
Erie First Christian Academy experience was not without a challenge. However, I had many friends to help me through them. Senior High school is a completely different experience compared to Junior High school. There are more people, more homework, and everything you do as a junior has a huge impact on your future. I can say I have enjoyed my time here a great deal!
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It was an experience like I thought I wouldn't have experienced. Walking into Erie First on my first day was like walking into a junior college, it was so massive. I eventually learned my way around, and this school is filled with tradition that I will never forget. Being able to keep these traditions to flourish through decades still mesmerizes me today. The one thing that this school does that I love is that they don't change anything they keep everything traditional. The social culture is also great. Above all academic excellence is a top priority here and every student is encouraged to work hard.
Erie First Christian Academy was all that you could hope for in a high school. Bigger than most, the campus buildings and student diversity was an important stepping stone towards college readiness, while also providing challenging courses that spark academic interest and develop that interest into a future major. The faculty were friendly and made real connections with students which is extremely important when considering the dire need for college recommendation letters.The culture in the school was just the right amount of fun and work which encourages the appropriate work/life balance I hope to achieve in my adult life. Actual learning and development as a student was always prioritized ahead of standardizes test scores which allows students to find learning interesting and rewarding.
Erie First Christian Academy is one of the most beautiful and most interesting schools the state has to offer. The staff is wonderful and really helpful, I recently went through a typical high school break up and instead of telling me to just "stay strong" teachers encouraged me to go talk to the counselors at school and focus on my health. In fact, any time I've felt overwhelmed by my anxiety or depression and couldn't complete homework one night, I email my teacher and let them know, and they're always extremely understanding and empathetic. Teachers, nurses, staff, and counselors are always open to talk and willing to help kids in any way they can, especially when it comes to health.
I absolutely love Erie First and I am glad that my son is schooling there. It took him a little bit of time to adjust to the schedule at first, but it really teaches him how to actually study and manage his time which most students don't get the hang of until they are in college. In most of the classes, he does almost double the work that many community college students are doing, showing the true excellence of the teachers and programs at the school. The students and the teachers in this school are very welcoming and I like the fact that the school has a great parental involvement strategy. The school is very competitive and everyone has to work hard to keep up with others which mostly helped my son because he has been improving his grades ever since he enrolled there.
When I first went to the Erie First Christian Academy, it was very huge because I never saw a big school. I started out my day with a long schedule because I was a freshman, it was also very hard to find many classes. So I had to ask the teachers and they were very helpful, I got around the school easily. I also met the principal and he explained to me if I had any trouble with classes I could ask for help. Also it was hard to make new friends, but soon I had lots of friends. The experience went on getting better and it has been great so far
I really like the atmosphere of friendliness of the school and structured career programs. I am trying to become an engineer, but there are many classes that would somewhat help me in that field which makes it easy to achieve my dreams. The concepts of engineering class somewhat helps out students and prepares them well for the college education. There are many clubs and activities for all the students to join and choose based on their interests. The athletic is also great and it helps students in developing their talents. The school has everything that a student requires to excel.
My four years at Erie First Christian Academy were very memorable. All starting from incredible leadership because the administration is one of the best and faculty staff is very friendly. The teachers welcomed all new students with opening arms and gave us the full experience of what it’s like being in the school. My involvement in Basketball and Track & Field made my experience at the school even more special. I was able to meet incredible people from different grade levels and close relationships with the coaches. The school has an amazing academic program that helped me prepare for college this fall. My teachers always lend a helping hand and always had the students’ best interests.
I’ve been here since my first year and until now I’m a senior. For the most part, the teachers really do care about the students and mostly cooperate with to help them where they don’t understand. The principal is always trying to build the culture and maintaining the reputation for the school to be one of the best. The students come from different backgrounds but they are very friendly and welcoming.
I have enjoyed my high school career so far at Erie First. I love the diversity we have with international students. The relationship between students & administration is admirable. We always have fun and are taught well about how we can each conquer the rest of life successfully.
My experience at Erie First Christian Academy will be one that I never forget. My involvement in extracurricular activities and teams has definitely helped my development and growth as an individual. With such a diverse group of students, Erie First has exposed me to many different cultural aspects I have never seen before. Lastly, the friends that I have made at the school are some of the greatest people I’ve ever and I’m thankful to the school for allowing my friends and I to ever interact and connect.
Erie First Christian Academy is a good school but it's not easy to get into and it requires hard work and skill. Anyway, the school is five star one and everything starting from the teachers to the administration to the activities are great here. The facilities are a five star and the resources are enough for every student to excel and perform at their own pace. I am very happy being part of this school and I will always raise its flag up high.
Erie First Christian Academy is by far the best school experience I ever had. These four years are for you to explore your interests and excel as a student. This school offers so many educational and extracurricular opportunities to fit anybody. I am in the science research program and I have learned how to write college-level research papers, conduct experiments, and also intern at a laboratory all while entering research competitions. Not only that, this school offers so many AP courses that you are bound to find the one you are passionate about. I highly recommend this school with its vast resources and opportunities.
I had a decent and great experience in Erie First Christian Academy. Before I came to this school I heard the alumni of the school talking about the experience they had in this school I could not wait to see for myself. In my sophomore year I have so far had a great time here and my grades have continued to excel which has been source of happiness for my parents. I look forward to studying here throughout my high school years and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the years hold.
Erie First Christian Academy was very influential and contributed a lot in where I am now. I was not sure about going to college, but some of the teachers and my guidance counselor helped me realize the benefits and helped me achieve some of my goals. They gave me the information that I needed to get there and gave me enough time to think about everything and make the decision for myself.
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Erie First Christian Academy offers all students the opportunity to get an education that works at their own pace and allows for them to challenge themselves. It is very diverse with people from all over the world, which allows for us to try our best to respect each other’s differences and beliefs. This school has the resources for students to learn how to cope with life and prepare them for college studies. Every student in the school is treated equally in regardless of the color or where they come from and the teachers are always ready to help in case of any challenges
I have attended Erie First Academy since the fifth grade, and wow! What an experience it has been. There have been a lot of ups and downs, but more ups than downs. The teachers provide constant knowledge and support; it's hard to do poorly. I've felt welcome and at home since I enrolled in this school. I have gained and lost friends along the way, but the social and educational challenges will prepare for college with no troubles at all. I would be fibbing if I said I wouldn't miss Erie First after graduation. It's been a life changing experience and I am forever thankful to have attended.
I do not regret going to high school at Erie First Christian Academy. First time, I felt that the curriculum was too rigor when it came to balancing the intensity of the academics along with the intensity of the required sports, but now that I'm in college, I’m glad I learned at Erie First. The school taught me to manage my time and it forced me to communicate with my peers and the faculty and learn to ask for help when I needed it. While I wish the classroom setting was more similar to college, the life skills that I got out of this school were priceless.
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