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Ereckson Middle School Reviews

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everything is great and the teachers the people are all friendly but they need to improve cafe food most of the students are smart and there is not much trouble here
Amazing!!!! I have been to the School before and it is absolutely Stunning. The teachers are great the classrooms and facility are wonderful, and the food isn't like those other schools
My daughter went to this school and this is an excellent school. She had a really good experience at this school and she really learned well. Teachers are very helpful and academics is very strong.
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Out of all the things they can serve you, they choose the fattiest foods that anyone could ever give to you. So if you're looking for something healthy to eat here, you chose the wrong school.
The facilities here are great! And there is almost no time that anyone is ever waiting to speak the counselors.
It really comes down to the cliques in the school. There are many here and you'll be lucky to find some good friends. But besides that, it's almost impossible to make any friends and enjoy your time here.
I have really liked all of my teachers so far, and they have (hopefully!) liked me, and have been really nice.
I'm mostly describing the theatre program, but I really enjoy it- it's a lot of fun and of high quality. I'm sure the others are pretty good too, or else people wouldn't go.
I believe the school is pretty safe- you may hear some cussing or rude comments,but if reported it has (in my case) been mostly taken care of.
Almost everything is great- it is a middle school, so there isn't much college prep (although Business Information Management could fall into that category). The buses are nice and to the best of my information so are the drivers, but the people who supervise kids getting onto the busses in the afternoon can be very rude if you make a mistake on your bus being there.
The school is pretty good at educating about bullying and stopping it before it happens, it's the actual addressing where they can have some problems. Overall though, the performance of the staff is top notch.
There's usually something for everyone- there are a decent range of clubs for a middle school, and the sports program seems pretty good (I can't say, as I participate more in Theatre than in sports).
It could be better, with less clicks because I am a kid who gets left out a lot because of what I like.
The only bad thing I can say with this school is it's not engaging enough. Teachers basically just give you the assignment and then you're by yourself again.
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