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Erath High School, located in Erath, Louisiana, is ranked the number one public high school in the state of Louisiana. The staff and administrators continuously prepare student from grades 9-12 for college and what their futures.
The teachers are very hardworking. The rewards are sometimes good. I like the enrichment period. School is ran a little funky and there is some odd restrictions and rules. Harsh consequences. Lots of favoritism. If your parents are popular with the school then their kid cannot get into any form of trouble. Quite a few odd teachers. But can be really fun at times.
Attending Erath High School is a blessing. It is a small high school in a small the small town of Erath. We are a very close community, so attending Erath High was comfortable and we were always surrounded by Louisiana's southern hospitality. Being one of the very top high schools in the state of Louisiana, is an honor. Not many people get to experience that, but I was one of the lucky few. I cannot think of anything I would change about Erath High School.
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School is built around teaching students to memorize. If you came out an analytical thinker like me, you're one of the lucky ones.
As a recent graduate I am very proud to say that this is where I went to school. Every teacher is super fantastic & helpful with everything. They put their entire soul in their work to get the best academic scores possible from the students. The same goes for the super hardworking administration of the school that do all they can to keep everything running smoothly & allowing fun during the school year. They all do their best to prepare us for our desired futures. The school lacks diversity but there is no prejudice against those that are a minority. Everyone calls one another friend. The sports teams are A+. There arent many clubs, but they have the usual Beta, 4-H/FFA, etc. This is a school where many parents also break their backs along with faculty & staff to make high school an amazing & memorable experience for their child. My mom wasnt very involved, but I thank all the others who very much were. EHS is a wonderful school in a wonderful town with wonderful people.
Erath high school is a very small school with a close-knit community. The academics are exceptional and overall my highschool years were fairly great. The only problem is since the school is small the transition to college will be slightly difficult but worth it.
Erath High School is a really great school and I am very blessed to be able to attend there. The students and faculty are very nice. Erath High School is highly focuses on academics and want every student to be able to do their best and reach their goals. The teachers are always there for you if you need their help or if you need to talk to someone.
Erath High School is the envy of the other schools in Vermilion Parish, and rightfully so, too. For the most part, our faculty and staff is great, and due to high standards set by the teachers from day one, the students are exceptional! EHS is the center of a close-knit community, and this is illustrated at any school function. For football games, everyone is on their feet, cheering on our team. Likewise, when the school puts on a fundraiser, the rest of the community gives until it hurts. Erath High School is a school to be proud of, and the alumni would definitely agree, as I always hear from them that they would give anything to come back and be a part of the bobcat family again!
We currently have dual enrollment classes as well as honors classes. My son will graduate with approximately 18 college credits!
Many clubs are available. The community support in the school is second to none!
Erath High School has the "best of the best" as far as the teachers are concerned! We are an A+ school!
Erath High School uses all necessary programs to keep students, faculty and staff safe at all times.
Lockdown procedure is great, but anyone can walk on campus easily
I'm in nearly every club on campus. They're great for scholarship applications but they aren't always very active.
There's a lot of favoritism from both the administration and faculty. I was lucky to be one of the favorites, but if I wasn't it would suck.
Lots of opportunity for dual enrollment classes.
This school is for the most part a wonderful school. Each and ever day you come and are welcomed by the teachers and administrators. So many of the teachers are kind and try to make your day mean something. Homecoming is one event at our school that is widely loved by so many. All day long we get to celebrate the homecoming event with are friends, family, and the faculty of Erath High School. We have a pep rally and a parade throughout the day. The importance of this school and the reason I would choose this school again if i could, is that the school is more a family than anything else. Here at Erath High you can come and feel safe throughout your day.
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Have not had one problem in the four years my son has attended EHS. We love the school and the community involvement. The academic curriculum is second to none!
love the teachers at Erath High they always know what to do when a student has a problem.
i have nothing to say. we did have a few fights this year though but the principal will not tolerate it anymore hopefully.
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