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Era is an overall good school with great teacher and student interaction. While it is a small school, the faculty try to provide as many opportunities for the students to participate in as possible.
Era is a friendly place to go to school. You will make many friends quick and the teachers are amazing. They will take extra time to help certain students who don’t understand the lesson as well as others.
Our small community is tight knit and trusting. We do not have great security measures only because we do not have a threat in our community.
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I participate in several after school activities at my Highschool and I enjoy everyone of them. None have had fees to join and every activity has been fun and educational.
I have enjoyed this school and would love to attend it again. I have made many close friends and have become good friends with the staff and the principals. I would recommend this school to anyone who asks.
I love my school and well over half of the students there are proud to be called an Era Hornet. Together, my small community works , lives , and learns what the true meaning of family is. The school is the only thing my tiny town has and we are proud to say that it is a fine learning establishment. If given the chance to go to another school, I would turn down the offer in a heart beat. Because I am proud to be envolved at my school and to be called an Era Hornet.
Close knit community was great
Being a small school, everyone knows everyone. People in the school and community are very friendly are are willing to lend helping hands when needed. Its so nice to have people that care about you that you are not even related to. I would consider this one of the best schools in the district!
Our overall school building and facilities are up to date and clean. Our school is currently adding on and moving the high school office to a different location to get a better view of the entrance of the school of safety reasons. Excellent school to attend and nice.
All teachers care about the students and always have their classroom doors open for many reasons, whether its for help on assignments, questions on school work, or just coming to talk in general. They are very helpful and will do their best to help you with anything.
I personally feel safe at my school. There has never been a time that I have felt threatened or assaulted by someone or something. Everyone at school is nice and helpful.
In a small school like Era, there are not many extracurricular opportunities and activities to choose from. Athletics and One Act Play tend to be during-school hours and after-school hours as well. FCCLA and BETA Club are community service organization clubs that students either raise money or do volunteer work. National Honor Society is a selective club. All clubs have committed students but the clubs themselves aren't as committed; this should be improved.
The school does not take any drug abuse and protects us by bringing in drug dogs along with drug dogs to our cars to make sure there are no hazardous things there.
Most of the teachers are very good teachers, others expect us to do everything outside of the classroom even if the resources required aren't open to us.
Students aren't aloud to wear cloths with rips.
There are many UIL opportunities available for kids.
Because it is such a small school the varieties aren't as much. But the price is less.
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I am at a new school and find that because it is a 1a school it is very close knit and not very exceptive of outsiders.
There aren't very many sports for people to participate in but the sports that are available are very good.
Our school is not very diverse, as most of the kids come from the same area with similar backgrounds. This can make the students seem cliquish and uninviting, but we are actually pretty accepting of others. It has been better because we have more and more transfers who come from different backgrounds, which forces everyone to become more accepting.
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