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Equality Charter High School was overall a pretty decent school. They have their ups and downs, just like any other school. Most of the teachers are very dedicated to the students and are willing to help the students whenever and however they can. With such a small school and classroom setting, it allows the teachers to really focus in on each student's needs. Academically, I am satisfied with the school. This school also offers students some really great opportunities, some of which I have participated in such as connections to Internships, dual enrollment in college classes, and more. Despite there not being a large body of students and staff, communication and organization still seem to be a big issue in this school. Overall though I had a pretty good high school experience.
At Equality Charter High School, everyone is accounted for and no child is left behind. Equality has given me numerous opportunities to be successful academically and socially. The endless amount of AP classes they offered to the variety of internships you could choose from. Also the core values that were instilled in me from the teachings are still with me to this day.
I like the way each teacher teaches but I would like to change the favoritism they have for some students, especially the ones with the worst behavior. They don’t control bullying which is a big problem in this school. The teachers focus the most on teaching us information instead of education.
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Equality Charter has a lot of flaws in the teaching system. Even though they do have a lot of college preparedness programs along with internships, they still are well underdeveloped.
The main thing I love the most about my school are the teachers and staff members. I love the fact that they are always concerned for and with their students. They always made sure if someone looked moody or upset, they would always check up on them. The teachers made sure to check up on the students when their grades were down and they knew they could do better or are just going through some hardships. I feel as though the culture of the school could have been a little more better and the incentives for the students could have been higher. As well as flexibility the students had.
In my experience, equality charter high school has a high rate of teacher turnover, and inconsistency in school procedures, policies, and grading. Lack of materials like textbooks and student workbooks leads to several worksheets on a daily basis per student.
The Equality Charter School is an amazing and strict school. The students are expected to arrive on time and be dressed appropriately by the school's given uniform. The teachers that attend the school care deeply about the students. They are willing to lend a hand for those that have trouble in their academic performances. They push the children to try their hardest and to be the best that they can be. They provide a safe environment for the students to take their academic tests and to not feel subconscious about themselves when participating during a classroom lesson. They provide free access to laptops, books, and programs. The school also allows parents to be involved with upcoming school events by creating Award Ceremonies, Holiday dinners, Pep Rallies, and Sports games. They don't play when it comes to the students safety. They do not tolerate bullying of any kind, psychical and food fights, skipping or being late to class, and stealing.
My son attends the 9th grade at the equality charter school. The school, it's curriculum and the staff are amazing. The staff shows dedication to their students so that they will strive for excellence. The best school hands down!
My four years at Equality has been spectacular! They value education so much and the staff really prepare me for my future.
Great facility with high expectations and education value they work to ensure all students are on track to graduate while creating a safe and fun environment
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